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10 Chinese auto industry to change the history of Japan due to engine actually cheaper   Source: car home


  In the automotive circles popular in so many words, he said to be "German taught Chinese man car, while the Japanese are taught the Chinese how to build an engine." I believe before we can easily reach a consensus, as the representative of the public to the north and south German joint venture car prices on the Chinese auto industry for all to see; but that the Japanese church Chinese artificial engine, perhaps a lot of people have not touch the doorway, especially in doping after the national sentiment, it is difficult for the Japanese and we have complex origins neighbor has an objective and rational evaluation.


  Today small as we sorted out 10 sets of China's automobile industry has a profound effect on Japanese engine, we believe we will have more true this statement experience.


  No.10 Suzuki F8B three-cylinder engine


  Suzuki K8B engine had served as the second generation Suzuki Alto's standard engine in the 1980s was the introduction of domestic production along with the vehicle, its domestic models are collectively referred to as the 368 series, Changan Group, Chongqing Jiangling Engine Co., Ltd., Shanxi Huaihai Machinery factory, Hunan Jiangnan automobile manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chongqing Zongshen Group and BYD, etc. Dongan than domestic production.


  In addition to carrying on Changan Auto Jiangnan Alto outside, which is also such as Qinchuan flyer, Hafei Belle in such a cheap car. This 796cc F8B standard power engine (0.8L) displacement is 29.5kw maximum torque of 62N · m.


  Today, 368 series engine's maximum power is less than 30 kilowatts of power is very limited, the biggest advantage is very low cost, low fuel consumption, suitable for some very small body size and curb weight of the mini-car use, with the increasing domestic emissions regulations strict, currently in the edge of being eliminated.


  No.9 Daihatsu 376 engine


  And the above-mentioned Suzuki F8B same engine with 376 Daihatsu Charade car prototype – Daihatsu Charade introduction of domestic and domestic production performed by the Tianjin Xiali, codenamed TJ376 assembly Tianjin Xiali sedan. This inline three-cylinder 1.0L displacement engine with single overhead camshaft 6 valve structure, the maximum power of 38 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 75N · m


  Because of the age, 376 engines performance is not outstanding, and there is mature and reliable technology, low cost, and subsequently derived from a variety of improved models, including the later improved to EFI System 376QE has also been a series Xiali A, N3 models the main driving force.


  Some other uses of the engine car prices including early Geely and other domestic local car prices, and later model JL376QE Geely's first production engines are imitating Tianjin FAW TJ376 series production, its structure, performance are basically the same .


  No.8 Chinese micro-surface of the first power – Suzuki F10A


  In the domestic minivan widely used 465 series and its follow-up model 468 engine is the largest domestic manufacturer, the largest output of the engine family. Its technical prototype for Japan's Suzuki F10A, after a domestic Harbin Dongan, Wuling Liuji extensive domestic and Chongqing Jiangling mounted in many domestic minivan and small car.


  10 Chinese auto industry to change the history of the Japanese engine


  Domestic 465 8-valve engine uses a single camshaft, simple structure, low cost. Several manufacturers 465 engine structure and properties are similar, since between 970cc-1051cc, maximum power ranging from 30-40 kW displacement stroke size difference. If you use the number of domestic 465 series engine models statistics again, presumably close to the order of ten million numbers, because then the most "take the amount of" micro-surface two companies – are the Chang'an Wuling series engine users.


  Jiangling engine plant in Chongqing, now Changan Automobile Engine Manufacturing Co. production of 465 codenamed JL465, a lot of equipment in the early Changan Star mini-commercial vehicles, after a change from the carburetor and EFI modified gas distribution system, upgrade to DOHC16V structure 465 renamed JL466 series, equipped with a new generation of low-emission commercial vehicles and mini car Changan Star older Benben on.


  Dongan production model for DA465 is an arrogant product. In addition to the early equipment Songhua facets, Hafei public opinion like vans, but also equipped with the Chery QQ Changhe Big Dipper and other mini cars. Its most famous users is the first model of the Chery QQ.


  Before Chery does not have its own production engine, mounted on the Chery QQ model exploits the DA465 engine Chery Kaijiangtuotu conquer won good reputation. Also produced by the Wuling Liu Machine 465 model, code-named LJ465, needless to say, we should be very clear that its main models that rival Changan Star "Wuling Sunshine," these two together to carve up China car sales in God minivan market.


  In addition to the well-known car models, using the 465 engine as well as wind off, FAW Jiabao and other second-tier brands.


  No.7 Toyota 8A-FE engine


  Toyota 8A is a 1990s Toyota specifically for the development of a small car engine, which is mainly used Toyota on some low-end products. In 1998 the first batch of imported Toyota 8A engine Jin Xiali in domestic production. Toyota 8A equipped models are many, including the Vitz, Ville, Geely free ship, a great spirit and other big ticket cars, are its use.


  This engine in all respects technically no features, power, etc., it is generally like torque, since the early Toyota 8A engine is external sales, in which non-Toyota cars can also be purchased. Thus it was represented by Geely series models, 8A through purchasing power matching engine to achieve the first models.


  Imitation 8A engine equipped Geely Beauty Leopard


  Later, because FAW Toyota 8A engine will no longer sell the non-cooperative enterprise, so other domestic auto companies make a determined effort to determine their own development. For example Geely MR479Q, Lifan and other independently developed 479Q1 reverse product development are. 8A.


  No.6 Mitsubishi 4G13,4G18 series


  4G13,4G18 Series engine is Mitsubishi introduction of the domestic production of 1.3L, 1.8L displacement naturally aspirated engine, these two engines made in China for the lack of engine development time and production capacity of Chinese brand matching engine to solve the problem. Including Zotye 2008, lioncel, Hafeisaima, China Junjie FRV have to use other models.


  4G18 series engine is the most current applications made cars Mitsubishi engine, BYD F3, Hafei Saibao, horse racing, Brilliance Junjie Junjie FRV, Haima Hai Fuxing, etc. are of this engine.


  No.5 Mitsubishi 4G63


  Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi 4G63 series engine is the Chinese brand models most widely 2.0L engine, for 10 years before retirement, Chinese brand models use Mitsubishi 4G63 engine are extremely common phenomenon, and even continued to the present case is also still popular . 4G63 adhering quiet and high-powered economic characteristics of the Japanese engine, which uses a SOHC single overhead camshaft design, rugged and durable.


  With this engine models down to cheap domestic pickups and SUV, on to almost all Chinese brand cars. Mitsubishi 4G63 can say is that's the only domestic independent vendors can buy affordable, reliable 2.0L engine. Models equipped with this engine has the Brilliance Junjie 2.0L, Chery Tiggo 2.0L, Eastar, JAC Refine and so on!


  No.4 Mitsubishi 4G64


  Mitsubishi 4G64 series, is improvement from the 63 series, 2.4L displacement, power and torque than the 63 to increase a lot for mid-size sedan and MPV, SUV and other models. Using 4G64 engine models include almost all of China at the time of the mid-size sedan and SUV brand models, including Jeep2500, Chery Eastar, China Grandeur etc.


  No.3 Toyota 4Y


  Toyota is Japan's Toyota 4Y on 1970s models, sea lions have been mounted on a Toyota Hiace, Hella Fox pickups and other models. The engine in the year with the Toyota models to be introduced together with domestic sea lions, was the first to realize the localization of a Japanese engine displacement of 2.0L or more, compared with the then domestic production engine, this engine technology is mature, more compact, stable performance, low manufacturing cost advantages, so in domestic shine.


  Domestic 4Y engine 491 engine was named by the Toyota Production licensed to Gold sea lions supporting the production, in addition to Mianyang, Foton, Great Wall Motor has started his 4Y product line.


  At that time, several pickups and vans sea lions enterprises generally adopt 4Y (made after the call 491Q) engine as power. For example, once fad ZTE, dawn, Yangzi pickup trucks, Great Wall SUV nose Zusai Fu and so on.


  It can be said that China's car prices started to pickup, such as the Great Wall, ZTE, thanks to Toyota 4Y engine because this engine was to many domestic "like Hella Fox Department" pickups mainly Chinese brand matching resolved dynamic problem, that makes these car companies can grow through the tender period, to reach today.


  No.2 Mitsubishi 4G63S4T, 4A91T turbocharged engine


  4G63S4T evolved version 4G63 by Shen Hang Mitsubishi R & D, is a 2.0T turbocharged engine. This engine maximum power of 190 horsepower and peak torque of 250 Nm. In order to cater to the trend of the domestic popularity of turbocharged, equipped with the car engine has Haval H5, Landwind X5, Landwind X7, southeast DX7, Zotye T600 engine development and many lack the production capacity of Chinese brand models.


  4A91T domestically is another Mitsubishi 1.5T engine is turbocharged version of the 4A91. As a relatively new Mitsubishi's engine, 4A91T with modern technology variable valve timing, aluminum block, timing chain and the like. 1.5L and 2.0L displacement of 4G63S4T formed high and low, is also being adopted by many second and third tier independent automakers, such as the Southeast, Chung-tai and so on.


  No.1 Isuzu 4JB1


  4JB1 engine is Isuzu last late 1970s developed models. In January 1985, according to the State Administration of China Automotive Industry Corporation supplies and arrangements, by the China Automotive Industry Import and Export Corporation and Isuzu Motor Corporation in Tokyo, Japan signed the "Isuzu N-Series trucks technology transfer contract" and "Isuzu N series truck cab technology transfer contract. "


  According to the National Planning Commission and the China Automotive Industry Corporation arrangements, Beijing Automobile Works and the second light vehicle southwest associates two national projects as distribution, automobile factory in Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangzhou Yangcheng Automobile automobile factory and other factories as 3 regional project distribution.


  4JB1 engine power as standard Isuzu N series light truck, but also with the two contracts was introduced into the country. Qingling, JMC, Foton and JAC has put into the Isuzu 4JB1 engine. This diesel engine can be described as the generation of God machine from the late 1980s, China began to ride small displacement diesel engine market for nearly 30 years, involving almost diesel engine manufacturers will introduce improved 4JB1 engine into their products to continue production.


  It can be said that all domestic light truck companies, bus companies, as well as part of the production of diesel pickup in business nearly 20 years will Isuzu 4JB1 as the preferred power in China, the reference to "Isuzu engine" mostly refers 4JB1.


  4JB1 Isuzu engines belonging to the engine 4J series in a model is divided into naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4JB1 4JB1-T, which engine displacement of 2.8L, the cylinder diameter of 93mm. From dynamic data, this engine is not good, it can provide power between 70-90kW, torque between 200-280N · m, although now perspective, the dynamic performance of the engine has lagged behind 4JB1 era, but with such as five hundred thousand kilometers without major repairs, and even the user can practice the good functioning of one million kilometers saved up like word of mouth, so 4JB1 domestic light truck freight owners are regarded as the eyes of the "God machine."


  If you use a word to describe 4JB1 Isuzu engine, it must be: has been imitated, never surpassed! Although we introduce Isuzu 4JB1 engine technology for nearly 30 years, but, in addition to automobile production Qingling Isuzu 4JB1 engine, in addition to the three companies produce 4JB1 engine quality of their products, it has not yet reached the 1980s and Japan's Isuzu early 1980s level.


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