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Cummins: Let the engine into the “Hubei wisdom”

    From Cummins USA, and the fate of Hubei has a long history.
    In Dongyang, Dongfeng Cummins, which is a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Co., is one of the largest engine production blocks in Cummins around the world. In Hong Kong, there are Cummins' first R & D centers and numerous business organizations in China.
    "Hubei is Cummins in the global investment, the largest volume of business plate." Cummins fuel system (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. General Manager Tang Haocheng introduced.
    Incomplete data show that Cummins in Hubei part of the enterprise investment has reached 1.8 billion.
    Why does Cummins love Hubei?

   Small nozzle, the processing accuracy of 0.1 microns

    Nozzle, small parts of a car engine.
    Gasoline through the fuel common rail system to the various fuel injectors, so that the engine running. The engine is running smoothly, the nozzle is very critical.
    In 2008, Cummins fuel system (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone built, as Cummins outside the United States set up the first fuel system production base for the Wuhan car industry chain is an important part.
    In the Cummins fuel system (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. production workshop, the nozzle production line is the longest, the largest investment in a production line.
    The processing of the nozzle is a fine job. In the spark drilling machine next to the Department of Manufacturing Engineering Wang Hu picked up a wire than the hair is also fine wire to reporters, this electrode wire diameter of 1 micron, or 0.001 mm, used to punch the nozzle The
    The operator only need to inject the nozzle into the machine, the machine will automatically punch, this process only takes about 30 seconds.
    A fuel injector, need to go through the lathe, heat treatment, cylindrical grinding, the round grinding, EDM, abrasive flow processing and other processes.
    Inner grinding processing equipment is the most expensive one of the nozzle production line equipment, worth 10 million yuan. Its role is to punch holes inside the injector, the accuracy can reach 0.1 microns.
    In the abrasive flow processing area, a yellow manipulator is particularly eye-catching. It will be caught in the hands of the nozzle, according to the program with the abrasive to "rinse", about 30 seconds later, one by one shiny smooth neat nozzle "fresh baked."
    "The advanced fuel system is critical to the combustion optimization of the engine and can effectively reduce the exhaust emissions." Tang Haocheng introduced, Cummins developed ultra-high pressure common rail injection system XPI, the world's only five companies can do. Wuhan base manufacturing ultra-high pressure common rail fuel system, the pressure up to 2600 bar, higher than the European standards, is the current domestic market, the only one mass production and widely used manufacturers.

    Following the pace of national emission standards to upgrade, Cummins R & D innovation has gone through three stages.
    The first stage, the US products to China to do technical support;
    The second stage, Cummins in China plate to do some local technological innovation;
    The third stage, Cummins Chinese team R & D and manufacturing products, get Cummins global use of other countries and regions, the global use of "Chinese wisdom."
    Since the layout of Hubei, Cummins Hubei base synergies and scale advantages in Cummins China and the global strategy has become increasingly prominent. 2016 Cummins sales in China reached 4 billion US dollars, China has become the world's largest Cummins, the fastest growing overseas markets.

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