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All contribute efforts to build international commercial vehicle 

On March 11, morning, shiyan, chairman of the CPPCC Chen Guyi hosted visiting appointment committee symposium. Vice chairman of the CPPCC Wang Qinghua, YanBingZhou, Lu Fuchang, LiuXiuJun, secretary-general Liang Zhengzhong to attend the symposium.

Symposium, Wei Wenfang Yang Huigang etc. 9 members stick to shiyan to forge international commercial vehicle is the center of the city work, building science and technology innovation platform, to speed up personnel training, promoting industrial upgrading, optimizing urban ecological issues such as human environment and forward-looking and operability opinions Suggestions were put forward.

Chen Guyi in his speech, pointed out that visiting appointment of CPPCC is CPPCC municipal solid foundation to carry out "study and implement the eighteenth big, strive for the development of new performance" theme activities, innovative working methods, improve the quality of BSFLP is an effective form. The panel unified thought, reached a consensus, the commissioners of international opinion suggestion for shiyan commercial vehicle provides a decision-making reference. Shiyan, he insisted, faced with Volvo to build strategic alliance, dongfeng company Qin Bashan for poverty alleviation and development, the south-north water diversion core main forest ecological environment protection and other major opportunities for development, at the same time has the great outstanding advantage of ecological environment and automobile industry, which is pushing the construction of international commercial vehicles are good foundation and conditions.According to the overall objective of "three kingdoms and a base", make a breakthrough in the following aspects: one is the full support of dongfeng Volvo strategic cooperation, improve supporting industries and services; 2 it is actively building technology research and development, talent exchange, such as science and technology innovation platform, improve and perfect "linkage" government leading, enterprise main body, colleges of science and technology innovation system and mechanism; 3 it is to build the international commercial environment and atmosphere, ecological, inner trim humanity "outside", strive to solve the urban ecological environment, transportation logistics, urban management, outstanding problems of the citizen quality, etc. CPPCC member to contact sectors into full play the advantages of the masses, around the building of commercial vehicles contribute efforts.

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