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Aluminum trailer will be the future trend

In recent years, China's ocean shipping, road freight and container transportation and other logistics transportation market is increasingly prosperous, prompting a corresponding transport vehicle market demand increases, and as the main vehicle-trailer road transport demand increase, while present, China still transport trailer In the main steel trailer, but other European, most Japanese steel trailer aluminum alloy developed countries has been substituted trailer.

At present, the domestic heavy truck retain the number has exceeded 3 million, such a large number of exhaust emissions has become an important source of air pollution, and resource consumption and environmental pollution has become a global issue, the whole society are concerned about energy conservation work vehicles ʱ?? Reduce the vehicle weight is to reduce fuel consumption, effective measures to improve transport efficiency, while aluminum has the portability is an essential tool to reduce the car's weight, aluminum trailer lighter than steel trailer 3.5 tons, so that in each Dora operations can run 3.5 tons of goods than all-steel semi-trailer. No-load operation will greatly reduce fuel consumption, the data suggest that the production of one kilogram of aluminum consumption is about 14 degrees, but in the car after every 1 kg of aluminum can replace steel about 2 kg, in the car life cycle saving 1 kg Materials can save fuel 0.7 kg, equivalent to saving about 800 kwh, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1800 kilograms.


Related logistics company calculations show that in order to calculate the annual operating 150,000 kilometers, with its lightweight aluminum car advantage may be more a benefit 150,000 yuan ~ 180,000 yuan in motion. Although the one-time purchase cost is relatively higher steel trailer about 40%, but overall doing, 1 to 2 years will be able to recover the costs. Trailer total annual fuel consumption of about 40 million tons, if the aluminum trailer market share to reach 70%, then the annual fuel savings of about 7.66 million tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 22 million tons, and aluminum vehicle last longer, according to European and American experience, a life cycle of an aluminum alloy body is generally 15 years to 20 years, while the life of steel cans only 7 years to 9 years. And recycling scrap value of the vehicle after the vehicle is also higher than steel, in the usual aluminum cars, for example, is about the value of recycling aluminum tank of 85 percent of primary aluminum is much higher than ordinary steel vehicle recovery value.


Currently, aluminum trailer in our country, although no longer a novelty, but with market share has few, our country's first aluminum trailer is now beginning in 2008 Taiyuan truck industry trade show, the Baotou Yu Li Industrial R & D Manufacturing ʱ?? It has only a few years time, so far from universal use. However, the transport industry and trailer manufacturing industries are considered, lighter aluminum trailers future is bound to replace steel trailer will become the market mainstream.

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