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AMT or at the present stage of the primary choice

"In the country, both for the national conditions, and can quickly achieve the transformation and upgrading of light commercial vehicles, I think AMT is a good option." China gear professional association, the Secretary General Li Shengqi told reporters, light commercial vehicle segment market, the proportion of light card is relatively large, if considering the optimization and energy saving and noise reduction, but also suitable for multi file, the artificial liberation, can give priority to AMT."

Li Shengqi believes that in the present stage of development of light commercial vehicle transmission automation, a technology to mature, two is the product to be reliable. The inheritance of the traditional AMT industry, through years of research and development, the independent brand basically mastered the core technology of AMT, technique controlled by others and AMT in the big city bus, whether it is pure electric, hybrid and traditional car, already has a very good performance, along this train of thought in the light card carefully research and development will certainly breakthroughs in some key technologies, has achieved. "Customers to buy light commercial vehicles more focus on economy, the purchase cost is low, the use of maintenance costs low, so the enterprise in the use of automatic transmission to take into account the economic and comfort, integrated speaking, AMT is more appropriate." Zhejiang WanLiYang transmission project director of Limited by Share Ltd, investment director Ren Hualin told reporters.

In our country, the development route of automatic transmission is mainly based on the technology level and the relatively low cost of AMT. At present, the main transmission manufacturers almost have AMT product development capabilities, some models have begun to mass production. It is understood, WanLiYang company in the domestic earlier were automatic transmission research, so far, has been mass production for light commercial vehicle AMT automatic transmission, in the future to focus on the development of light truck automatic transmission. SAIC chase in 2014 was launched China's first automatic light passenger Datong V80, Shandong men's world company since February 2014 began to research and design for light truck AMT automatic transmission, matching Futian company era pilot 2 models, is currently in the stage of road test.

Light commercial vehicle transmission automation is not a smooth road, the independent brand is still facing challenges. Ren Hualin believes that the first is to match the problem, including a comprehensive integration, with the entire vehicle factory with the problem, and then the key parts technology independent brands have not mastered, such as chips and sensors have to rely on imports.

Shandong men's world transmission Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Zhidong emphasizes technology to focus on the clutch control. The reason is that compared to passenger cars, light commercial vehicle operation condition is worse, no-load to heavy load range to a much wider, in the starting and shifting process to make the vehicle run very smoothly.

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