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Analysis: The future of new media in the Chinese automotive industry

By Carmen Lee  From Gasgoo.comJanuary 28, 2013 (Shanghai) – The increasingly important role of new media has become an issue of major discussion in many different circles around the world. Compared with traditional media formats, such as newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts and TV programs, new media focuses on interactivity and networkability. It includes formats such as microblogging and social network services. Due to its growing popularity, new media is becoming a more and more influential source of social commentary on the latest happenings in various fields across China, including the country's automotive industry. What sort of prospects does new media have in the automotive industry? In order to answer those and other questions, (Chinese) conducted a week-long survey on the issue.

Survey participants were first asked whether or not they believe new media can be used to boost sales of enterprises operating in the industry. The vast majority of participants, 82 percent, are very optimistic in new media's commercial applications in the industry, pointing out that its rapid development over just a few years is proof that it will be very successful. They state that its interactivity and timeliness, as well as the density of material it can transmit, have been acknowledged by a majority of netizens, and that automotive enterprises would be well advised to use new media to improve their brand images and increase sales. They add that new media's focus on individuality can help enterprises sell products to a number of consumers they would otherwise not be able to easily reach.

Only two percent of participants believe that there is not much of a sales usage for new media in the automotive industry. In their view, new media is still not very mature and there are a number of complications that need to be addressed before it can be used by enterprises in the industry. The remaining 16 percent of participants were undecided, saying that more time needs to pass before it can be decided whether or not new media is commercially viable.

Although there is a general consensus that new media offers a lot of new business opportunities for the automotive industry, there is still debate as to which format of the new technology, which includes digital magazines, digital news, SMS text messages and social network services, is best suited for channeling these commercial interests.

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