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Antonlin is expected to dominate the automotive industry

An Tonglin actively expand to dominate

Antonlin is a manufacturer of door trim (Li Zhu), hard roof, lighting, parts suppliers. In recent years, its expansion rate is very fast, especially the roof business has accounted for more than 40% of the global market share. Last September, Anton Lin, vice chairman ErnestoAntolin announced antonlin to become the world's largest supplier of interior, he said: "our scale is growing, of course, we also in the market investigation all the possibilities, concern most is expanded doors and according to Ming Department of product categories. Because we are not going to through mergers and acquisitions to expand the seat business, and areas of the system at the overhead, antonlin scale has reached the world's first. "

Through mergers and acquisitions to become a leader in a segment of the industry is the development of European and American auto parts giants. Not long ago, the newspaper reporter analysis of global automotive interior industry pattern found Antonlin is one of the global top 10 automotive interior supplier, but to want to dominate the industry, Faurecia, Lear, Jiang Johnson Controls and Magna is a strong competitor. 2014 American Lear company operating income totaled 177.3 billion; Faurecia operating income of $20.8 billion. Johnson Controls seating and interior revenue is $220 billion, which the interior business 40 billion dollars. Thus, this several rival either impossible to sell interior business, or strong to bag.

Automotive seating industry veteran told reporters, has been, specifically to do the car interior of the enterprise scale will not be particularly large. From the process perspective, the automotive interior rules are not strict, the added value is not high, the profit is relatively low. These industrial properties and returns are not valued by the integrated Multi-National Corporation. Therefore, Wei Shitong, Lear, Johnson, Magna have been or are being sold as interior business.

Wish to acquire magna

The acquisition of Magna interior business, antonlin undoubtedly become the automotive industry leading enterprises. Magna interior business in 2014 sales of approximately $2400000000, why antonlin can acquire Magna? The first is Magna intends to sell the interior business. In recent years, Magna has been in the adjustment of the strategy, deliberately turning lightweight, energy power, battery and other mainstream technology. Secondly, An Tonglin and Magna in any relevant market accounted for market share and does not exceed 15%, in line with international anti monopoly regulations.

In March this year, foreign media reported that An Tonglin began to acquire Magna interior news. In April 16th, An Tonglin and Magna International signed a sale and purchase agreement. According to the agreement, antonlin intends to acquire Magna global interior business, including Wakamatsu Ko and company business department. After the completion of the transaction, will no longer hold any Magna rights transfer entity.

Recently, Magna announced that the complete part of the transaction does not include two interior joint venture in China, because of the approval procedure, this part of the transfer is expected will be completed before the end of this year. Magna interior in China's business comprises the provision of the dashboard, door panels, shaded panels, lighting control (roof), a pillar trim etc.. On September 6, Magna China stakeholders accept our newspaper reporter to interview said that due to the government approval formalities and other factors affect handling process. But analysis of the automotive interior industry veteran, Magna China interior business development momentum is good or partner is limited influence the progress of China business transactions.

Chinese market is still an important reference

In recent years, adhere to the "followed by major automobile manufacturers worldwide expansion routes, to ensure that in implementing the" timely arrival 'global customers "distribution policy, antonlin rapid real now the expansion of the global market, in the world the important market investment established new factories. In 2014, the market for China antonlin contributed 12% sales. Visible, China is An Tonglin's main growth market. From the first quarter of this year, earnings, thanks to Europe, North America and Asia market to promote, Antong forest act the role ofing business revenue and profits have achieved double-digit growth. In addition, over antonlin 2014 events, it is not difficult to find the important investment projects in Asia, especially China. Last August, An Tonglin in Shanghai, the start of new projects, mainly the production of roof interior products of antonlin automotive parts manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; December, antonlin with China's Dongfeng Visteon pass to establish a joint venture subsidiary. According to the reporter, the Lin Zaihua has built a dozen factories.

An Tonglin entered China early, through the form of a joint venture with Chinese vehicle and parts enterprises, these years in China's steady development, and intends to speed. Expert analysis, recently, Magna intends to strengthen the Chinese business, Magna can perform better in the Chinese market, considering factors may also be An Tonglin acquisition Magna one of. Acquisition of An Tonglin magna, apparently for the realization of "to become the strategic goal of the world's largest automotive suppliers" out of the important step.

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