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Auto parts industry still lack a leader in the industry need to pay attention to international distribution

The first half of this year, the auto parts industry to pick up the company's overall performance, and showed a rising trend, but the net profit rate remained at 6% level, no overall profitability improved significantly.
As of August 31, a total of 96 auto parts listed companies to disclose the 2016 semi-annual report. 96 parts listed company's total revenue was 255.661 billion yuan, compared with last year increased by 19.82%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies fell sharply changed four percent in the first half 2015 trend, an increase of 13.14%, to 15.388 billion yuan. From the revenue perspective, the top three parts company revenues are more than ten billion yuan scale. Data also showed that about 64% of the parts operating income and net profit growth double.
Analysis of the industry, the three motives led performance improvement. The first half of this year, car sales steady growth, passenger car sales grew faster than the overall, there is significant improvement in the commercial vehicle market, engines and related parts rose rapidly corporate performance. "This year, the automotive industry, the overall situation is good, parts companies have relatively good performance is normal." The State Council Development Research Center of Industrial Economics Research Department Associate Professor Song Zifeng acceptance of "Economic Daily" reporters.
In addition to the favorable market environment is relatively stable, warmer parts of the company's performance with its own proactive Seizing an opportunity, structural adjustment, restructuring plan also has a close relationship. At the same time, seize the policy and market new profit points to expand the industrial chain, including the new energy vehicles, intelligent driving car technology extends also to contribute to enhance the performance.
However, there are still nearly two parts company revenue decline. Statistically, these relatively scattered distribution of the company's business, products mainly to the main auto parts casting class. Songzi Feng said that the domestic auto parts enterprises are many, but most are small, but to serve the regional market or supporting enterprises. Some parts of the international corporate giants, downstream control of a very large force; and many small businesses could only depend on domestic car prices, there is no negotiation efforts. Therefore, the future need to nurture a leader, driven up the whole industry. From the perspective of long-term development, the future of the auto parts industry to catch up, but also attach importance to international distribution.
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