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Automotive industry is a special phenomenon of negative growth under the new normal

Now the most fashionable term is undoubtedly the new economic normality. But the new economic normality is not negative growth, nor is low growth, but not a high-growth, new economic normality to the normal growth is in line with the objective economic laws of growth, is to meet the growth in demand is healthy growth, we expect achieve a growth.

In this round of the new normal, the automotive industry in the process of economic growth performance was very different from the past. In the past, when the economy downward, the car industry is still able to maintain a certain growth rate, even higher than the growth of the national economy, but this time it experienced negative growth. The emergence of new economic growth it is not normal desired, but a special phenomenon, it is not a normal phenomenon, is we do not want to see the phenomenon.

This particular norm can not be sustained, it is of concern. Is it really going to end China’s auto industry growth era it? Is China’s auto industry really want to end the era of economic development has become the locomotive and the locomotive of the world auto industry yet?

The author’s answer is no. The new economic normality after the economic adjustment of new, healthy, normal growth, normal, China’s automobile industry appears negative growth and the new normal is not consistent with the requirements of the economy, is the objective, historical reasons for the comprehensive, systematic cause ʱ?? This negative growth is the short-term, is a temporary phenomenon, which we can not be blindly optimistic, we can not blindly pessimistic, but can not lose courage, confidence in the future prospects for the development of China’s auto industry falter.

China’s economy will maintain a certain growth rate, this growth was not high growth, but in the latter part of the normal growth of industrialization. It should be said that China’s industrialization in the early emergence of high growth is also due to the special historical conditions, specific institutional conditions, special conditions conditions. During the high-growth, the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry development has not balanced, the sudden emergence of the secondary industry led the growth of China’s economic development has made a great contribution. However, everything has two sides, the second industry high economic growth in the industrialization process, and just today planted a slowdown or even negative growth of foreshadowing. The current negative growth in China’s auto industry, it is in the process of industrialization and high growth to pay costs and compensation costs.

In this regard, we must put it in the perspective of the objective laws of economic understanding. Economic inevitable cyclical fluctuation, we all hope the economy does not appear able to cyclical fluctuations, but so far no human society to solve this problem. In other words, cyclical fluctuations in the economy is an objective law, it is not the people’s will. The government’s macro-control, people’s subjective will in a period of time, a certain historical period play an important role, but the objective laws is relentless, irresistible, after all, to return to the normal form of economy, back on the track of the objective laws. China’s auto industry has for many years of high growth. If normal, due to the development of China’s automobile industry in the past too slowly; If you say correctly, is due to China’s industrialization process appeared abnormal development, so that the development of automobile industry appeared ultra high-speed growth, this phenomenon is not our I want to see.

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