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By 2020, the global market turbocharger share will be close to 50%

As a leading global supplier of automotive turbochargers, Honeywell released "Global Market Forecast turbo" Report. By 2020, with the rising demand for vehicle manufacturers, turbo penetration in the global car market will grow further, reaching 47%. Sales growth at the same time, car prices will become increasingly valued by turbo technology innovation, to enhance the vehicle's power system, reduce complexity, and better meet the needs of local markets. As a global market leader in turbocharging, turbocharger new vehicle sales in China will greatly enhance the penetration rate rising from the current 28% to 47% in 2020.


In the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, we will see a variety of entry-level turbo and even luxury models of diesel, petrol and hybrid systems in the latest results. Honeywell announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show before its annual survey.


Survey results show that, as the global consumption of increasingly stringent regulations, car manufacturers are more concerned about the rational optimization of engine technology, rather than relying only downsizing to optimize vehicle performance, improved fuel economy. China's oil consumption targets required to achieve an average fuel consumption of 5 liters of one hundred kilometers in the next five years, is expected to push sales in China than the current turbo double by 2020, from the current 7.5 million units to grow to 15.5 million units.


Honeywell forecast 2015 global technical topics


Turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines on fuel penetration, entry-level and mid-range car market will be a huge growth trend worldwide. Honeywell predicts that between now and 2020, three-cylinder turbocharged engine will maintain a 30% average compound annual growth rate (CAGR), while sales in 2020 will reach 700 million units. Honeywell's third generation of gasoline turbocharger series bear a greater load generated by a three-cylinder engine specially optimized


Worldwide by 2020, four-cylinder turbocharged engine will continue to occupy 75 percent of the light vehicle market share. Honeywell predicts that until 2020, four-cylinder turbocharged engine will remain 7% compound annual average growth rate (CGAR). For this four-cylinder engine, Honeywell's variable geometry turbo technology (VNT), double vortex channel (TwinScroll), Francis (Mixed-Flow), ball bearing (BallBearings) and DualBoostTM technologies will help automakers Suppliers without affecting the transient response of the premise, increase engine power.


Multi-stage turbocharger diesel engine technology is another important innovation that can help automotive manufacturers achieve better engine performance, fuel economy while meeting regulatory requirements. By 2020, there will be an annual average of more than 200 million new light vehicles equipped with a multi-stage supercharging system market. Honeywell's new industry first by the two variable geometry turbocharger combined application of two-stage turbocharging to ensure the high power density and response level


Across the globe, thanks to its diesel engine lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions, will continue to occupy nearly 20 percent share of the light vehicle sales market. Honeywell predicts that by 2020, at the latest clean diesel turbo technology and after-treatment technology promotion, diesel engine penetration in the North American market will grow to 7%.


Hybrid systems (including plug-in hybrid) market penetration will grow 4 percent to 7 percent of global light vehicle market share. In such a vehicle, currently accounting for 10% of the turbocharged engine in 2020 will reach 25%. This technology will be recovered through future electric energy booster and further expand the market potential of the gate to open.


In contrast, based on the high cost of batteries, battery life and other limiting factors, battery electric vehicles by 2020 will account for only 1% of global light vehicle sales market share.

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