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Cars negative growth factors

If you ask people what is now the car of Chinese automobile industry, the most worrying thing is that than the car market for three consecutive months of negative growth. This concern is not limited to the automotive industry professionals, the community on China's auto industry is also able to maintain normal growth are worried. Of course, there are some people blindly optimistic, even for China's auto market immediately appear negative growth gave a positive, good foreseeable future. This outlook appeared to have been strongly criticized by public opinion, especially the part of professionals in the automotive industry this blindly optimistic forecast given a deep, powerful rebuttal.

If you ask most people present cars tangled, most differences are what most opposing views, than it is to explain to the Chinese auto market in the future will be how to maintain the development of the state, as well as the emergence of China on the latest negative growth of the automobile industry. Over the years, China's auto industry and the national economy has maintained a positive relationship with, and under normal circumstances, the growth rate of China's auto industry is higher than the growth rate of the national economy, even several times higher. But this time it appears that people have never encountered a phenomenon that is lower than the growth of China's auto industry is not only the national economy, but also the emergence of negative growth. Thus, people outside the industry but also for the Chinese auto industry can not become a pillar industry of China's economy, can not as in the past to China's future economic development and make greater contribution, can bring new impetus to the entire manufacturing industry in the future raise questions. For this, the debate is sharp, some perspective is the opposite, there are differences.

If you ask the world's automobile industry on the current Chinese auto industry is most concerned about what the problem is, that China's auto market is still negative growth. Even in some Western media, also sent to the Chinese auto market in the future or not the engine of the world auto industry skepticism, while a number of multinational companies have made timely adjustments. Multinational determine exactly how the future trend of China's auto market, they are the future of the Chinese market, whether still confident, is currently a focus of China's auto industry. All in all, these problems are due to the emergence of China's auto industry in China's economic growth in the new normal negative. After all, negative growth is not a good thing, it gives people passed out a strong signal, that is the driving force of China's auto industry is gone, the Chinese auto industry engine effect on the economy weakened.

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