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Chase V80 Indonesia conference

August 20, SAIC Chase V80 public conference held in Indonesia, Indonesian Vice President YusutKalla went to the site, and expressed appreciation for the quality of SAIC products. In recent years, SAIC attaches great importance to the ASEAN market, in the four ASEAN countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia continues to speed up the layout. Four ASEAN auto market with large capacity, speed development features, only a light commercial vehicle market, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia accounted for the entire ASEAN market share close to 70%. While Indonesia is one of the largest auto market, has formed one million market size, especially the MPV market, the four ASEAN countries are the largest market.


In order to seize development opportunities in Indonesia's auto market, SAIC Chase also the local speed up the layout. The listed at the Indonesia International Motor Show SAIC Chase models for the V80Minibus, it will be used as PassengerMover, for commuting, travel and feeder vehicles, the shuttle in the streets of Indonesia. Compared to Japan and South Korea competing with local products, V80 has a huge space, surging power, highly secure and ultra-low emissions and other product advantages, very competitive.


Meanwhile, after the successful listing of paving V80, SAIC Chase subsequent products will be imported MPV G10 in Indonesia, "both wings to fly" to achieve. With the endorsement of SAIC's strong brand strength and product strength, G10 market performance cum laude, from January to July this year, total sales of 7584 G10, especially in developed countries, Australia's outstanding performance in the overseas market this year has sold 1,000 units. I believe that with "big MPV" product charisma, G10 will MPV market in Indonesia, some as much. The largest car market in the ASEAN market, SAIC Chase significance, marking the steady expansion of the road SAIC Chase overseas has taken a solid step forward, also marks the SAIC ASEAN strategy a step further.

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