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China Auto Parts Forum held in October provided the four forums, Xiangyang lead international collaborative innovation CT30 sing  Source: CRI


"2016 China's auto parts industry's annual conference and China Auto Parts Forum" will be held October 25, 2016 – was held in Hubei Xiangyang 27th. The message since August 12, 2016 release, the work is in order, the preparatory meeting to give a positive response from industry-related units support.


The meeting will be "innovation, teamwork and international – to lead China's auto parts industry a new future," the theme of "low-carbon technology, information, intelligence" profound revolutionary changes taking place around the auto industry, as well as in China 2025 implementation, Internet + depth development of increasingly stringent energy-saving, environmental protection and safety requirements of the automotive parts industry and the challenges depth discussion. Morning theme of the Congress, we will invite the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science of leadership Understanding the latest industry policy, introduce industry trends and invited Dongfeng Motor, Chang'an Automobile, Bosch, Asia-Pacific Electrical and Mechanical Services and other well-known enterprises in do conference keynote, sharing the future trends in the automotive judgment, this trend will bring challenges and coping strategies measures.


China Auto Parts Forum held in October set up four special forum


The meeting will include four thematic forums:


Session one: the new strategic plan to optimize the industrial chain


As information technology, manufacturing technology, energy technology, materials technology cross-integration, the depth of penetration of technological innovation situation gradually formed, many areas, including the automotive industry, including the breakthrough in the industrialization of the critical point, the new technological revolution and industrial revolution is accelerate the breeding. Future technology in automotive products around the "safety, environmental protection, energy saving," the main theme will be "electric, intelligent, lightweight" transformation. It is foreseeable that these changes will be profound, how to respond to these changes, will be a huge challenge to China's auto parts enterprises.


This topic, we invite the typical automotive industry enterprises, including: passenger car business, commercial enterprises, large auto parts group and related parts and components enterprises at the meeting to present their development strategies, share their car future viewpoint, etc., expect their statement related businesses inspire. We have invited the following companies:


Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Weichai Power, Dongfeng Auto Parts (Group) Co., Qingte Group Limited.


Session II: • Technical innovation-driven lead


The development of technology will be the biggest driver of future change in the automobile industry, the future of China's auto industry around the "low-carbon technology, information, intelligence" development, to new energy sources, intelligent network linking car-related technologies, industries and enterprises will be concerned hot spots. The forum we have invited a representative of the enterprise, including: the National Power Battery Innovation Center (NL Power Research Institute) introduced China car battery roadmap, sophisticated development status and prospect introduce electric drive systems, Bosch / China introduced advanced driving state of the art assistance systems, Hangzhou Hikvision introduced state of the art vehicle environment perception system, Beijing Science and technology introduced NavInfo map high-precision technology status, DFAC introduce electric buses and other developments.


Session III: extending the service chain • Focus after market


With the rapid growth of China's car production, car ownership in China showed a positive growth trend, the trend for the development of the automobile market has brought opportunities and challenges, auto parts enterprises how to adapt to the future development pattern of the market share opportunity to bring results, to meet the challenges, we expect the sector will give a interpretation of everyone.


Shanghai Software Co., Ltd. will introduce the matter into the market after the play the role of information platform, promote the healthy development of enterprises parts, car sharing home will discuss challenges of the post under the new pattern layout vehicle business market, the Automobile Association Steering Committee will zero parts manufacturers in the market model of development after independence to do related to exploration, Jilin car Bai Yi Technology Co., Ltd. will follow the car market share after the new normal, to build a new model of cooperation related parts supply and demand point of view.


Session IV: the path of internationalization • Improving Business Competitiveness


China's auto market is already an international market, the enterprise is the path of internationalization and Chinese auto parts enterprises must, but also enterprises to enhance the level of technology and products, improve the competitiveness of the brand an important way. The topic we have invited international companies to share business development strategy, introduce international experience and the experience of corporate mergers and acquisitions overseas, export, has invited companies, including:


Matthey, Ding, Shanghai Baolong, Xiangyang Automobile Bearing KPMG and other relevant agencies will participate in the exchange of the topic.


In addition, during the theme of the Congress, will be released in 2016 focused on the results of the auto parts industry, "China's auto parts Blue Book"; outstanding Chinese auto parts suppliers Recommend platform program; CT30 ceremony.


CT30 which is to promote the Chinese brand bigger and stronger components, auto parts industry unite the main force, the role of the backbone of China's auto parts enterprises, research industry focused on common problems, and discuss plans for the auto parts industry, the promotion of Chinese auto the healthy development of parts industry, in response to the voice of member companies, I decided to build China's auto parts industry, the high-end of procedure of the internet.


CT30 having a Chinese auto parts large enterprise groups and sub-sectors representative of the key enterprises (groups) 30 components. We had already convened August 30 CT30 build related businesses held seminars, the necessity of the platform, work content and direction of the work content, mechanism and procedure of the next phase of priorities, and achieved fruitful results.


This release CT30 inaugural ceremony, the establishment will introduce the background CT30, meaning, issue a certificate for the member companies, CT30 will also convene its first meeting during the session.


Here we would like to thank the support in preparation for the meeting, the relevant state ministries, major auto and auto parts companies and other relevant units to give, especially our co-organizers Hubei Xiangyang Municipal Assembly meeting to give human and material resources , financial support, the main forums and forums and speakers with relevant units, and we also thank the media for their support and help. We believe that with the help and support of all parties, our meeting will be a complete success.


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