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China commercial vehicle will go a long way in the international market

Recently, the National People's Congress, valin chairman ma LiuHanRu on China's auto enterprises "going out" the topic of accepted reporter's interview, he said, compared with car market, China's commercial vehicle enterprises more advantage in the international competition, the future will go a long way in the overseas market.

LiuHanRu representative thinks, at present China automobile car market growth momentum, in particular, the main reason is the insufficient capacity for independent innovation, he said: "after 2005, the state attaches great importance to the construction of independent brands. Pay special attention to technical innovation and independent innovation. Because we are the development of car industry, mainly the introduction of joint pattern, so now say, control in the foreign, we use a huge domestic market at the same time, also didn't get advanced technology. Time proved that the road is also not sustainable. So the development of the domestic car industry, especially the independent brand, the current challenge and difficulties."

The reporter understands, compared with car market growth is slow, the Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises have achieved good results in the domestic and international market. Valin star horse, for example, the company is the national important heavy truck, heavy vehicle and parts production research and development base, the production of horse special for high visibility in the market, has long occupied a leading position in the domestic market.

LiuHanRu representative told reporters, in China, commercial production is one who has a comparative advantage in the industry, so also showed a strong market competitiveness, he said: "in our heavy trucks replaced imports in the process of development on the one hand, Japan now there are few cars to enter the Chinese market, at the same time, through technology transfer and cooperation, including domestic commercial vehicle enterprise own efforts and technology progress, our current heavy trucks can basically meet the needs of the domestic economy, but also to the international market. Especially in recent years, China's heavy commercial vehicles, accelerated the pace of entering the international market, why, this is our country's future with a comparative advantage in the industry, because of the heavy commercial vehicles is intensive technology intensive, capital intensive, talents, and at the same time with labor-intensive (characteristics), the automobile industry chain is wide, involving the field more wide, the achievements of China's market cultivation and heavy duty commercial vehicle business in China."

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