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China’s Africa orders to break million

After the 2014 sales break million mark, sinotruk (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Africa Department encourage endeavour, 2015 four months ahead of schedule to achieve orders broken million, an increase of 36%, self rate also reached record of 82%, the depth of the development of the African market and effectively promote.

In 2015, originating in the outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Guinea in Africa as a whole sowing seeds of confusion and shake the African economy, make some mining and agricultural projects suddenly stop. Over the same period, as the African countries export decided to crude oil prices fell sharply, leading to the growth of sales, including Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, the largest economy in Africa, and China National Heavy Duty Truck traditional customers large foreign exchange shortage, which greatly atrophy of the commercial vehicle market demand, slowing down the.

In the face of the severe situation of the international and domestic market, the African Department insists on carrying out the action plan of innovation and upgrading, taking the "three nets" as the foundation, taking the KD factory construction as the axis, combining with the market practice, and actively explore the innovative marketing model. For most countries in Africa, foreign exchange and credit card is not timely, the African Department and customers to actively communicate to fully mobilize the potential of customers, to take a variety of combinations to solve the problem of foreign exchange and financial channels, greatly reducing the order cycle, significantly increased the number of orders, and the use of important ports in the market area of logistics advantages, and cooperation with distributors to innovative financial marketing, reasonable allocation of resources to achieve the rapid turnover of orders, radiation surrounding countries to promote the sales of vehicles.

A huge advantage China heavy truck product lines, types of domestic industry based on the first, according to the different needs of overseas markets, based on in-depth market research, Africa Department continued to be targeted to promote the effective network marketing category, different countries, regional market benchmarking, and screening, reasonable positioning of dealers, in at the same time, to meet the rich products on the China truck demand for products of different consumer groups, a large extent avoid the friction between dealers and vicious competition, maintain the dealers and group interests, expand sales and market space; in some countries, the timely supply of "high-efficient logistics" to achieve the parts of the vehicle, to ensure customer service the establishment of service; spare parts center library in some regional markets, with the KD line construction, realize the parts supply network Africa market coverage, become the powerful support of sales.

Combined with the characteristics of different African countries conditions and heavy truck industry level of development, in recent years, in the vigorous development of the network construction of the base, the southern Africa are for the formulation of the development strategy on different market in the present stage. The advantage of the market, not only through a variety of ways to develop new distributors, and earnestly existing dealer management and support, and constantly consolidate the marketing network system, continue to expand the market coverage; for large customers in key markets, and strive to do big customer maintenance work, to further explore the depth of cooperation, and build a strong foundation for bilateral cooperation in the moderate development of the market; continue to increase, network construction, good parts and service support for development; lack of market, signed contract agreement, set the contract award, innovation evaluation mechanism, encourage the development of special marketing activities, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, to promote market development, implementation of the market in the first 8 months of this year grew by 45%.

Behind the performance is to play, the source is the source of dedication. African life hard, work hard, and even drink the waters were a little bitter, but is because everything seems to is bitter, it created a Africa Department to the general representative, to common clerk is not afraid of suffering, fear not bitter "African" spirit — they are used to referred to himself as "African", said with a smile to become than Africa Xiaoqiang more adapt to the environment, more vigorous "yellow giant", they believe, selling cars is the practice, hardship and it is growing.

Import and export system say Africa Department colleagues never fear of hardship, they endure hardship as wealth; said that the African colleagues never worried about the involvement of their involvement as a gift. Their daring, dare to do, dare to play, their career as life and devotion.

In natural and economic conditions of the most backward continent, electricity and water supply shutdown is commonplace, the ravages of the disease and medical backward also accustomed to, the sudden outbreak of the Ebola virus also let many people silently as they pinch to sweat. But there is nothing to stop them, they are longing for the market. Sometimes in order to visit a client, they in the twists and turns desolate African Highway on a full day of the car, can only carry on bread and water to eat; often, in time for the holiday gathering with friends and family, they work overtime, for customers excluded the fault of the vehicle. They are eager to become warm man, but rarely and his girlfriend walk hand in hand in the easiness; their desire to become a father, but many people are unable to accompany in newborn children around; they are eager to be filial, but only in thousands of miles away a few back and forth dream temples parents inviting white hair.

They call themselves "yellow giant", but they eventually is ordinary people, long-term foreign triggered emotional regrets will also allow them to silence, lament and cry; but they ultimately is not an ordinary people, under the leadership of their total representative in the same "I my heart to offer market", deficiency as a driving force, himself into the eyes of customers warm man, became the best-selling heavy father.

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