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China’s vehicle sensor industry has shown a good development trend

Three power to promote the development of the car with sensor Market

In recent years, China's automotive electronics market has always maintained a rapid growth trend. Automotive industry sustained and rapid development, the pace of rapid development of automotive products, consumer demand continues to tilt to the automotive electronics market, as a driving force for the growth of the automotive electronics market". Now, the domestic automotive electronics market is showing a good momentum of development. The popularity of traditional automotive electronics products is increasing, the new car electronic products began to spread, automotive product upgrades to accelerate, automotive electronics products in the overall cost of the car to upgrade. According to authoritative statistics show that in 2011, China's automotive sensor market size reached 10530000000 yuan; by 2014 the market size is close to 13000000000 yuan, to achieve steady growth. In particular, China's passenger car output growth will drive the growth of the automotive sensor market.

Market occupied by foreign capital

Information such as vehicle running status, driving control, vehicle control, operating environment, abnormal state and so on. As an important source of information for the automotive electronic control system, automotive sensors are widely used in automotive engine management, power driven and safety and comfort systems. The number of sensors and technology level also determines the level of modern automotive control system. It is the electronic control system of the "probe", with the more, the car's electronic more comprehensive, the higher the degree of automatic control.

It is understood that the current domestic ordinary domestic car on the installation of dozens of sensors, luxury cars on the number of sensors as many as two hundred or more, and the use of the car manufacturing level is still increasing.

However, due to the overall level of domestic automotive sensor industry is relatively low, a variety of sensors, especially high levels of automotive sensors are still dependent on imports. Sensor market is SIEMENS, BOSCH, Honeywell and other international parts giants occupy half of the country, and the domestic automotive sensor industry is dependent on the automotive instrument / meter industry slow development.

The low technical level of domestic starting late

Domestic automotive sensor production began in the last century 80's. Due to the late start, until now, the series, supporting the industrial system is not perfect.

At present, some manufacturers and foreign advanced enterprises adopt joint venture to introduce some advanced technology and gradually develop and grow, but the vast majority of enterprises are still in less profit, product single, low technology, poor reliability. Therefore, the domestic enterprise production of automotive sensor products can only meet the needs of small, low level models, and many large quantities of cars, light trucks and parts of the truck used by the high level of automotive sensor is dependent on imports. It is reported that the annual domestic high performance automotive sensor imports up to 500000 sets.

China automotive sensor products and similar products abroad, compared to the level of 10 years. The crankshaft position and vehicle speed sensor of domestic enterprises have many problems, such as low accuracy, low resolution capability, low signal accuracy, weak anti-interference ability and so on, and it is effective to avoid the disadvantage of foreign products.

In addition, the development trend of micro -, multi – functional, integration and intelligence of the automotive sensor has higher requirements on the new technology and new materials. Magnetic sensors, gas sensors, Li Min, thermal, optical, laser and other sensors came into being, the material of the sensor is also developed from the metal semiconductor, ceramics, optical fiber and other materials. And in these areas, the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises is gradually widening.

In this regard, lack of market, lack of R & D funds, lack of new technology, the three mutual constraints, a vicious circle, the domestic enterprises are increasingly serious weaknesses.

Price advantage is not obvious

Domestic sensor production enterprises do not go, the cost pressure is not down, and the host plant is too difficult to contact.

Traditional "to win at the low price" concept, in the automotive sensor industry has not been feasible. Foreign enterprises to increase the value of the price, making the price of similar products gradually pull the gap. In contrast, the host plant is naturally more willing to choose the high reliability, high technology imports".

The current situation is that the enterprise has not the cost to develop the price, but the market price to set the cost. According to the car factory can accept the price, squeezed to the end, only a very thin profit. So, some domestic manufacturers of sensor manufacturers increasingly sad day.

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