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Chinese Cummins experts become honorary members of the International Society of Automotive Engineers

Recently, Dr. Jerry Liu, Executive Director of Cummins Emissions Processing Systems Analytical Testing, was awarded the honorary member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This award is an important recognition in the field of automotive engineering, only in the leadership, research and development and innovation has a sustained influence on the people can get.
Dr. Liu graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Environmental Engineering. He joined Cummins in 1998 and has since been engaged in the research and development of engine post-processing technology and products to meet the emission regulations of various road and non-road applications. Dr. Liu Zhili has more than 30 patents, published by the expert review of more than 80 papers.

Currently, he leads the Cummins Emissions Management Analytical Testing Team, which is comprised of experts in materials science, applied mechanics and acoustics, emission technology, temperature control, fluid science, chemistry, and dynamics.

 "This honor makes me feel lucky to work in Cummins! Because here, my passion for environmental protection coincides with the Cummins mission – that is: no matter what we do, we all ask to lead a more Clean, healthier, safer environment, "said Dr. Liu." At the same time, I am particularly grateful to have the opportunity to work with a group of such great colleagues who are experts in all walks of life.

Prior to the SAE Honorary Member, Dr. Liu received the Cummins Ellvin Miller Award and the Julius Perr Innovation Award for his outstanding contribution to the emissions handling system.

SAE Honorary Member is the highest level member of the Association's worldwide grant to recognize engineering researchers who have achieved outstanding results in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle technologies.

Cummins Emissions Processing Systems is the world's leading provider of emissions handling solutions. Can provide a variety of solutions from 4 to 7, and EPA 2017 levels to meet the stringent emission regulations around the world. Cummins emissions handling system with ultra-high conversion efficiency, compact design, and convenient application. As of the end of 2015, Cummins emissions processing products in the global ownership has more than 400 million units.

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