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Chongqing Cummins Industrial Market Annual Meeting

In recent years, China's mining industry demand continues to decline, the user to maintain or enhance the effectiveness of the most effective way is to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Last year, in the Cummins high-powered team to help customers carry out the engine fuel economy test, after repeated verification, the new calibration beyond the expected target. The project is expected to cost 330 tons of oil per year for customers. In addition, the face of part of the industrial market demand for power pack users, Cummins engineering sector with customer needs and on-site application of the actual load curve for customers to develop the optimal selection and supporting programs, based on the bare metal engine, supporting the Drive, cooling, into the exhaust system, so that our complete solution to achieve optimization. At present, complete sets of solutions have been used in mechanical drilling, mud pumps and other market segments, users get the praise. To 5000 meters rig, for example, customers use only a Cummins mechanical rig power package to complete a whole well of the homework, the same workload than other brands of power packs can save nearly 50 tons of fuel.

As the host, Chongqing Cummins announced the future development strategy. Chongqing Cummins general manager Zhao Liujun said: "Chongqing Cummins is very concerned about the needs of local customers, is committed to building first-class team to become China's high-powered market with global level of outstanding manufacturers, to create a world-class manufacturing base, Cummins products for customers and The market to provide more competitive products, better service. "

Last year, Chongqing Cummins in the high-powered business results gratifying. QSK19 in the bulldozer application support to achieve a breakthrough, with the success of the domestic 10 factory cooperation; QSK19 for the first time in the road machinery to achieve bulk sales, and rail transit to achieve supporting breakthroughs, and supporting bulldozers, exported to Turkey and Serbia, customers get praise ; The first K38 engine and 1000kW AC drive heavy rail type car supporting the realization of the domestic initiative, K38 power package in the mechanical rig to achieve a breakthrough, to win customer praise.

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