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Commercial vehicle industry joint venture is bus and coach industry affect the geometry?

On January 26, 2013, dongfeng and Volvo signed an agreement in Beijing, form a strategic alliance of capital as the link of the world's largest commercial vehicle. According to the agreement, both parties will work together in the future research and development, production and sales of dongfeng double yan mark medium-duty truck, bus, vehicle, chassis, engine and transmission, etc.

At this point, the vast majority of domestic auto giant behind has the figure of the Europe and the United States commercial vehicle giants: saic iveco, gac hino, behind Mr Fukuda with Daimler, sinotruck mann, dongfeng Volvo, jianghuai neville division, and changan also in discussions with ford honeymoon…

For this kind of phenomenon, the media will call this pack and on China's commercial vehicle into a comprehensive joint venture; There are summed up in this media Chinese car companies completely dominate the foreign cooperation "joint venture after age".

With independent brand as the proud of China's commercial vehicle field all over the world, why would 180 degree turn, began to collectively to joint venture? Their joint venture and joint venture in the field of car before what's the difference? A comprehensive joint venture in the field of commercial vehicles can bring those to bus and coach industry? This is probably a lot of people crossed the question mark.

After the global financial crisis, big changes have taken place in heavy card market in the world. Originally the Europe and the United States, China and emerging economies accounted for one third of the market share; Now, the Chinese market sales accounted for more than 50% of the world.

In the face of such a huge market, almost all world famous commercial vehicle companies are focused on China. It should be said that at this point the world commercial vehicle giants the mood and context and before had the very big change, and this change is, before China's passenger car joint venture orgasm.

At that time of China, can say is don't understand, so we are weak in independent. But now, after these years of development, we are the biggest harvest is learned how to make cars, set up a certain level of industrialization of innovation ability, especially the commercial vehicle, we have been with independent power in the development, over the years through their own efforts, to shorten the gap with the world level.

But, even so, we are lack of core technology still exist, such as power system, electric control system, the braking safety system, body and chassis structure optimization, etc, also there is a big gap with foreign commercial vehicle technology. In the market for commercial vehicles and countries in emissions, the put forward higher technical requirements such as safety and energy efficiency, China's enterprises with transnational commercial vehicle giants nature have the feeling of a kind of hit it off: need a high-end technology, a market need.

With passenger cars biggest difference is that Chinese companies have at this time to set up our own by independent market, set up their manufacturing system, it virtually formed the negotiations with the foreign party's biggest chip.

So we see a new round of joint ventures, mainly on China. Among them, the joint venture with car trademark property belongs to China is the biggest different, enterprise or the use of Chinese trademark, or the joint venture company set up a new brand.

Accustomed to the strong multinational giants, why will change the style of the past? Perhaps Volvo cars, President and chief executive of the European, Ralph payson said, about some problems. Through cooperation, "he said," can play to the advantages of both sides and the synergistic effect, is helpful to further enhance the international competitiveness of Volvo group. China is already the world's first commercial vehicle market, dongfeng commercial vehicle has become a domestic currently one of the largest and most complete variety of commercial enterprises. Dongfeng motor group and Volvo group, after hand in hand, is beneficial to promote Volvo group in middle and low price in the truck market competitiveness.

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