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Commercial vehicle upgrade breakdown maintenance is a burden

As update upgrade on commercial vehicles, vehicle fault was very different from before, it bring a big burden to service station, also causes the conflict between the user and the service stations. Near the "3.15", the reporter for vehicle maintenance issues in the auto industry conducted a survey.

Different maintenance more difficult point of failure
"Now the electronic control engine is through the computer to detect, so on the analysis of the failure is relatively easy, but repair difficulty are much complicated than before." Bimbo's Wang Hongguang (Beijing) food co., LTD. Manager, told reporters: "before the traditional mechanical engine, vehicle assembly is when problems encountered, the driver can according to years of experience in repair processing on its own. But as the vehicles grows, repair difficulty is higher and higher."
Wang Hongguang, for example: "if you meet before nozzle clogging, removed cleaning can continue to use it; and now the efi engine are rely on computer to control the fuel injection quantity, if the nozzle is broken, the driver can't repair, replacement parts only to the service station."
Logistics, chairman of the board of directors of the company, Shanghai bao wings Zhang Kaiyi have the same feeling. "Along with the upgrade vehicles, engine structure has also changed. Now the engine's injection system to control computer. It has to do with the â…¢ before big oil pump motor is not the same." Zhang Kaiyi said the previous mechanical engine problems often arise which oil pump, and efi engine main problems appeared on the nozzle, and cause failure occurs the culprit is the poor quality of oil products.
"Poor oil can cause nozzle clogging, directly affecting the service life of the engine." Zhang Kaiyi said: "my friend bought a scania before to run transport in xinjiang, because of the product does not pass, leading to the engine discarded, and the maintenance is difficult, and finally simply spent more than 40, ten thousand yuan to replace the engine."
At present, the company has a Zhang Kaiyi hino, Volvo and other dozens of imported car, in order to avoid similar fault engine, he installed in every vehicle oil and filter. "This filter is a foreign technology, although the cost is very high, but for the sake of the engine running, or installed in the car. This device can make diesel before entering the engine filter, effectively avoid nozzle blockage." Zhang Kaiyi said.
In addition, the reporter discovers in interview, the old driver with more than 10 years driving experience are generally reluctant to update vehicles, the main reason is that the new models are not familiar with. Shandong TaiAnShi can lotus LuDongYue Li Wensheng road slag block factory driver is one of them. "I still use big oil pump, engine did not update the efi engine, because of its fuel supply system are not familiar with, more worried about beyond repair." Li Wensheng said that the old models have any trouble, he is handy to fix it. Problems but if you use the new models, can only go to service station to repair, increase the cost, time and delay on the repair.
Answer to the question of the old products often appear Li Wensheng believes that in addition to the engine, bearing system problems. "In China, the overload phenomenon is widespread, carrying 5 tons of heavy card can pull in 15-20 tons goods, so the axle, tire etc. Bearing system is often a problem." Li Wensheng said.
In recent years the rapid development of LNG vehicles is newly emerging things, its maintenance is difficult also. Xinjiang jiuzhou HengChang logistics co., LTD. Relevant Wang Yunzhang, head of the company in 2012 to update the 130 LNG car, for maintenance issue, he said: "LNG vehicle was developed recently, which form a complete set of spare parts and related technology are not perfect, so the maintenance is very inconvenient."
Wang Yunzhang said, given the company never contact LNG vehicles, so after the vehicles in place, manufacturers sent technical personnel to follow up all the way, for the LNG vehicle operation, maintenance, inspection, maintenance, provide technical training and service guarantee, timely solve the problems in operation.
Service stations are suffering
"Often can hear users complain service station service capability is not strong, accessories is not complete, sometimes due to these reasons, we will also have been uncovered, but do we really have difficulty." Chuzhou Huang Houjun hongda automobile trade co., LTD. Sales manager, told reporters: "complete accessories, equipment upgrade, this is the factory want to see, is also our service station wants to do, but should be established on the basis of well-funded. Currently affected by environment, don't have an easy time dealers, sales so that we do not have enough money to buy spare parts."
Huang Houjun reluctantly said: "we take the measures are timely transfers after vehicles to the repair parts. This period may take some time, the user will generate discontent and complaints, we are suffering too. In fact, now LianCheng car 4 s shops are not all parts can be equipped."
In addition, in the case of a bad situation, service station maintenance technician's salary is growing, and skilled maintenance man is not good to look for.
"Cultivate a skilled mechanic take a long time, pay increases after their graduation. Not only that, their liquidity is very big." Hongyan said the relevant person in charge of service station, now a lot of guy think very hard to repair the truck, and the job is not decent, dirty, disorderly and bad environment, every car must also climbed into the car, make whole body did not clean the place. And repair cars, on the other hand, easy and decent work, salary is also similar. Today, many truck mechanic in succession to car repair station.
And the void left by the departure of the maintenance staff job-hopping is hard to make up for. "For the mechanic, upgrading the vehicle is a very big impact, not only to learn a new mechanical knowledge, understand the basic hardware, learn to computer manipulation of the device. Even learned to new technology, have a period of time to adapt and practice, so that quality requirements for the guy is getting more and more high, but people have such quality rarity."
Wang Hongguang also illustrate for journalists: "in general, vehicle engine cylinder body appear problem, experienced maintenance personnel a boring cylinder so when problem is solved, but the general maintenance personnel do not understand the common sense, can only change the cylinder body, it is a disguised form of increasing the maintenance cost of users. Boring cylinder took only about 1000-2000 yuan, and in cylinder block to spend tens of thousands of yuan."

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