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Cummins Engine: Reliable and durable performance

Cummins engine displacement of 1.4 to 91 liters, the power range covers 31 to 3500 horsepower, widely used in heavy trucks, medium trucks, bus buses, recreational leisure cars, light commercial vehicles and pickup trucks and other road vehicles and construction machinery, mining equipment, Agricultural machinery, ships and railways and other non-road equipment.
Cummins engine are renowned not only for first-class reliability, durability and fuel economy, but also in the industry's leading position in the fierce competition to meet the increasingly stringent automotive emissions, off-road mobile equipment emissions and ship-borne emissions. And distribution of a wide range of diesel and natural gas engines and the corresponding parts and components products for automotive, industrial and power generation equipment and other fields.
 Cummins engine not only to first-class reliability, durability and fuel economy reputation in the industry, but also to meet the increasingly stringent vehicle emissions (US EPA2007 / 2010, Europe on the 4th and fifth), non-road mobile equipment emissions (Tier3 above) As well as ship emissions (IMO IMO standards) in the fierce competition has been living in the industry leading position.

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