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“Cummins engine” together “Revo” into Sri Lanka

Recently, with the successful conclusion of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Sri Lanka, China has increased its investment assistance to Sri Lanka. Fukuda Lovol has also taken this Dongfeng, and the Sri Lankan government signed a contract amount of up to 200 million yuan, which covers agricultural equipment, construction machinery and other products involved in vehicles. This is in recent years, China's exports to the Asia-Pacific region, the largest turnover of machinery and equipment government procurement projects, and in this high government procurement contract, it contains more than 240 units equipped with Dongfeng Cummins (4BTAA3.9-C100) engine Fukuda Wo digging loader (commonly known as: two busy, hereinafter referred to as two busy).
    In April this year, Dongfeng Cummins engine match Foton Lovol Heavy "two busy" project officially started, after matching demonstration, test equipment, carrying the test and other links, the successful completion of the project, the perfect match the achievements of the "two busy" excellence Quality, once again highlights the "Kang machine" fuel-efficient oil, good start, strong driving force characteristics. In August, Fukuda Lovol Heavy Industries organized a live demonstration at its engineering machinery test base to invite Sri Lankan government executives and experts to visit the scene to observe the operation. At that time, a construction expert in Sri Lanka personally boarded the equipment to operate, after half an hour of shoveling operations, the experts on the spot on the product operation of high efficiency and low fuel consumption to give a high rating, and highly affirmed Dongfeng Cummins engine quality assurance, global service system and brand influence.
    According to Foton Lovol overseas business sources, "Kang machine" match "two busy" get more and more customers of the favor, not long ago, overseas countries, the delegation of the "two busy" for a special investigation, procurement intent strong. Dongfeng Cummins engine will work together Lewo "two busy" to the world more stage.

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