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Cummins: GB1589 new rules strict control overload, car transporter change “heart” at the time!

Response to GB1589 new regulations Dongfeng Cummins help Dongfeng new car transporter.

In response to the new regulations and the needs of the market, Dongfeng commercial vehicles timely to meet the latest GB1589 regulations in the central axis sedan.

This car can match the Dongfeng Cummins ISD6.7 engine, fully meet the requirements of the new regulatory requirements of the ultimate load, and truly meet the needs of KL powder to reduce operating costs, faster, more efficient operation, turning radius smaller, easy to deal with urban traffic The Kang Hong next to take you together to understand the strong performance of ISD6.7 engine.

More powerful, time protection

Dongfeng Cummins ISD6.7 engine for the country five emissions, the maximum power upgrade to 300 horsepower, the maximum torque up to 1100N.m, 1200-1800 turn between the maximum torque can be reached! High speed high power to adapt to high speed load, really meet Kang powder on the high timeliness requirements!

Lighter weight, easy to reduce the vehicle weight

Lightweight structure design, flywheel shell and gear room using high-pressure casting aluminum process, some parts using high-strength composite materials, lighter than similar domestic products 20%. Light weight, reduce vehicle weight, bearing capacity naturally more outstanding.

Fewer failures, lower maintenance costs

ISD6.7 engine with modular design, the total number of parts less than the traditional engine less than 20%, less connection points, lower failure rate; as an important part of power output, crankshaft is alloy steel forging, effectively improve the fatigue strength of crankshaft The

A number of leading technology and design makes this engine B10 mileage of up to 1 million km to meet customer demand for maintenance and repair costs.

Fuel consumption is lower, fuel economy better

ISD6.7 engine fuel economy wide area, the lowest than the fuel consumption is only 193g / kWh, lower than the average industry by about 5%.

The use of advanced post-processing CLOSE LOOP software, in the post-processing common failure significantly reduced at the same time more accurate control of urea spray, urea consumption is reduced.

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