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Cummins Generators gain market acceptance by quality

Diesel generator sets in the export market, a variety of diesel generating units brand after-sales service is quite different, especially in the diesel generator accessories supply, many brands are mostly in this regard a little lack of need to learn from foreign brands. Such as Cummins diesel generator sets, in the accessories supply service is very convenient, the service outlets, all varieties, diesel generator sets of quality assurance is also very good, so that consumer interests can be fully protected, convenient accessories for the supply of Cummins Diesel generator sets exports provide considerable development advantages.

Generator failure and cause:
1. the control panel indicates that the voltmeter is bad;
2. the control panel "automatic – manual – demagnetization" switch in the demagnetization position (fully automatic generator function);
3. wiring error;
4. no remanence or remanence is too low;
5. carbon brush and the collector ring bad contact or carbon brush spring pressure is not enough (brush motor);
6. carbon brush grip rust or toner stuck carbon brush so that the carbon brush can not move up and down (brush motor);
7. rectifier on the excitation rectifier two tube open circuit or freewheeling diode short circuit (brush motor);
8. rotating rectifier module damage;
9. diesel generator winding or excitation winding broken or poor contact.

    In the 1980s, the diesel and Cummins generators used in the marine Cummins generators were introduced and absorbed, and the degree of localization was increased. The proportion of self-made parts was increased, but neglected on the basis of digestion and absorption Improvement and innovation, so the product performance and quality for many years to maintain the original level, but with the new foreign products and new models of continuous development, the original introduction of products has lost market competitiveness.

    In the diesel engine to promote the power plant on the ship, the exhaust of the diesel engine, cooling the main, vice machine cylinder cooling water, have further use of heat. This makes full use of the waste heat of the diesel engine, so that the overall economy greatly improved. Diesel engine waste heat can be effectively used in many ways, the following study can be used to promote the main ship diesel engine exhaust waste heat system.

    Exhaust heat transfer into heating heat, energy and mechanical energy utilization system compared to medium and low power ships, in some equipped with a large power plant on the ship, the power plant exhaust heat generated by the heat is very large. In the use of its waste heat generated, not only can be converted into heating heat utilization, can also be converted into electrical energy, or converted into mechanical energy as a propulsion power.

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