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Cummins in China production L9.3 up the road with the engine

Beijing (on March 8, 2013) – cummins today announced the launch of a new L9.3 liters engines for off-highway market, mainly according to the characteristics of the loader used to mold, and production in China, the alternative offers a variety of specifications, to meet the requirements of different stage off-road emissions standards.

L9.3 engine is supplement of cummins engine production capacity in China. Cummins in China after the horsepower engine development the more focus on the automotive market. L9.3 L8.9 based on world-class cummins engine platform, new building power of 162 kw, and has more excellent high torque at low speed, and 5 tons loaders perfect match. By optimizing the components and engine characteristics, and further improve the durability of the engine and fuel economy, better able to meet the demand of the highway.

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