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Cummins ISG dump truck first user experience

Shiyan Wudang Mountain airport under construction, is the Cummins ISG dump truck "first" user base camp stationed. In the second section Wudang Mountain airport construction site, a large dump truck jobs being cut mountain valley. Earthmoving project a huge amount of terrain, poor road conditions site —- or that there is no way, but with a tire abruptly forced out of a road, and this uneven pressure out of the way, potholes. Cummins ISG dump truck is how to ride out the bad road conditions in such a wonderful environment of heaven and earth? Let us find out.

Easier downhill

Gathered here all kinds of construction machinery, dump truck, there is only more than 1200, at the end of 2014, Yao Wei, Yao Zhongren brothers comparing many dump truck brands and models, and ultimately selected Foton Daimler ISG350 dump truck, and the two of them side by side became a national ISG dump truck of "first" user.

Why choose this dump truck? According to Yao Wei, Yao Zhongren brothers introduced, they face the task is more than 40 tons of earth per vehicle transported to the mountain from the top, in the middle to go through the bumps along the way, especially there is a long way up to 1.5KM with curved downhill side, this section of the road facing a mountain, cliff side, downhill speed must be controlled at about 5KM / H, and the basic rate is the average person walking speed, this vehicle braking performance requirements high, after repeated comparison options, brothers finally locked eyes equipped with Cummins ISG power dump truck Foton Daimler ISG350, is the value of the car superior braking performance.

Yao Wei, Yao Zhongren brothers these special braking capacity trolley impressed: "On the other cars on the brakes too stepped foot pain, but truck open up a lot easier." Why Foton Daimler ISG350 Tipper able to do this, the secret lies in the heart of this dump truck – ISG Cummins heavy-duty engine.

ISG Cummins engine with high power engine compression braking technology, through the exhaust rocker arm and the compression brake integrated, open the exhaust valve in the late compression stroke, eliminating the rebound release pressurized gas energy, greatly enhance the efficiency of the engine brake, to provide additional powerful braking force for the vehicle. Thus, in many detours downhill side, equipped with ISG power dump truck Foton Daimler to open up more ease.

Tim fuel economy Surprise

At the construction site, once encountered rain, tire grip deteriorated, site earthmoving going round stoppage. "We fear the rain," Yaozhong Ren said, "Fortunately, the recent good weather, almost no rain."

The same security considerations for the construction, all shipping vehicles are strictly controlled truck on a construction site. Yao Wei said that this dump truck, "they buy only too wasted to pull more than 40 tons, half step on the throttle even less than usual. The first time Bahrain cargo operation, a pedal lightly, the car to go out very far startled me. "

The reason why power is so strong is because the Cummins engine with ISG UHP 2000 bar injection, low speed high torque can be achieved at the same displacement engine in the most powerful, and Daimler-Benz vehicle matching technology to give full play to high-torque power advantages of the system.

Turning to the fuel when 姚忠仁 delighted, "on the other site with the same horsepower truck vehicle segments, each round use 32-33L oil, and this car is only 29-30 liters, almost Province 10% want to buy a car more comfortable to open up, did not expect such a good fuel economy. "

It is understood that Cummins ISG using ultra-high pressure jet, large intake valve, low speed high torque range wide, and uses a virtual coach LBSC intelligent systems, machine lightweight modular design and many other advanced technology, therefore, makes the vehicle run more fuel.

In Yao's brothers just two weeks ago to buy a car, every day at noon dinner, other workers on site have fenced see Fukuda Tipper Daimler ISG350 this new star product. We came to understand that although the car models more expensive than some other brands, but good braking performance and fuel economy of the vehicle so that the car is more cost-effective, more suitable for local earthmoving operation mode, and more adapted to the local multi- bend downhill side.

And Yao brothers met this dump truck workers come to the onlookers, will cheerfully give them one by one to introduce the Cummins and Foton Daimler ISG power dump trucks of various performance characteristics, it has become the Wudang Mountains airport construction site of "propaganda member. " In the end, the two brothers not forget to say the words "safe, fuel-efficient, and I feel good!"

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