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Cummins launched its first “car free” event

Dawn, the sky began to rain, in the Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. in front of the road, walking and cycling were filmed, full of energy walking on the way to work. On November 5, the company's Community Public Welfare Committee and the Communist Youth League jointly launched the theme of "promoting green transport, building a harmonious society," the first "car-free day" activities by employees to respond positively, with practical action to practice the green concept.
    Prior to this, Xiangyang City Environmental Protection Bureau issued "Xiangyang City haze status and countermeasures" report, the report shows that motor vehicle exhaust is the main reason for the formation of haze. To reduce environmental pollution, building livable Xiangyang, to promote green travel, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, but also their own blue sky.
    "Car Free Day" activities early, Dongfeng Cummins through e-mail, posters and other forms of extensive publicity, but also specially produced a small banner activities, the day before the appointment of special appointments issued for the activities of staff to receive and install. Designed to expand the influence of activities, so that more employees voluntarily joined the "car-free day" activities, through the subtle influence on the formation of conscious habits.
Activities, despite the rain, but did not affect everyone's enthusiasm, most of the staff choose to walk, bicycles, buses and other green way to travel, reduce their travel energy and pollution.
    As a walk in the forefront of the industry's automobile engine manufacturing enterprises, energy-saving emission reduction, practice green concept has long been rooted in the enterprise. The company through the cultivation of low-carbon forest, river fish release, environmental publicity and other activities to effectively fulfill their social responsibilities, in the community to establish a good demonstration, to promote more enterprises and individuals to join the public welfare.
    We share the air, is the water, is our environment. Moreover, these are the only things that we can pass on to our descendants. They affect our health, will also affect the health of our offspring. We need to make a choice, we can make a choice. Participate in "Dongfeng Cummins first car-free day" is our choice. Wang Ning, general manager of the company said the "car-free day" said.

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