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Cummins Power Lovol loaders Pakistan economic corridor construction  Source: Cummins China

Recently, the China Communications Construction Revo Heavy Industry Qingdao Port cum-Pakistan strategic cooperative project of the first equipment delivery ceremony held at the Revo Construction Machinery Group, the first L9.3 Cummins Engine Revo loader complete cross-machine, officially begins. " along the way, "flagship project – Pakistan economic corridor.


Revo loader


The Lovol winning Chinese pay to build Pakistan KKH project loaders large orders, is Lovol and Chinese CCCC continue to deepen cooperation, the combination of another success story, is under the Chinese pay to build the Qingdao Municipal Government and the strategic cooperation framework the first landing project, and so far Revo construction Machinery Group won the largest cross-group project orders.


The first phase of the project to Take Te He Weili Yang Project (: KKH Phase II Project), located in northern Pakistan Khyber – Pakhtunkhwa, the Asian Highway AH4 (Urumqi – Karachi) an important part, has conducive to the two countries, "four in one" smooth cooperation in roads, railways, oil and gas pipelines, cable channels on. Project route length of 118.057 km, the contract duration of 42 months. Summer heat and winter cold. Project construction is difficult, for the use of equipment requiring high.


L9.3 stowage Cummins Engine Revo loader


L9.3 equipment Cummins Engine Revo loader bulk have been on board, is expected in mid-September will arrive in Pakistan. According to the construction characteristics of the project, Revo Construction Machinery Group flagship product FL958G-ETX loader should be marked, L9.3-liter engine equipped with Cummins. Cummins 9.3 liters engine tailored according to the characteristics of the loader application customization, the new building on the proven Cummins horsepower base platform, electrically controlled mechanical upgrades to meet China off-road second and third phase of emission standards, power 220-240 hp ( 162-180 kW). Cummins 9.3 liters engine to get the job according to the characteristics of the design, the power curve of the patent loader, loader combustion optimization adapt workloads rate through the cylinder, a perfect match with 5-6t loaders, robust, reliable, responsive, and efficient operations, by optimization of machine parts and engine characteristics, to further improve the durability of the engine and fuel economy, better meet the needs of users.


Pakistan is one of China economic corridor by far the largest economic development projects overseas. The Revo loader upcoming batch serving Pakistan economic corridor road project, is the core of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor road overland passage. The construction project marks the north and south through Pakistan, Pakistan's land lines of communication connectivity construction officially started.


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