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Cummins Power Releases New Generation 6B Series Generators

In 2017 the opening ceremony, is a new beginning! Cummins power business in China "2017 Dealer Conference" started the first array, in the warm spring, bright and splendid Xishuangbanna held from dealers across the country more than 100 people As a major highlight of this conference, Cummins Power announced a new generation of generators 6B series. Cummins China Power Systems Division General Manager NathanStoner, Cummins China Power Business General Manager Wang Lei, Cummins China Power System Division Strategic Director Wei Hong, Cummins China generator sets business sales director Tian Baolong press Start button, officially unveiled 6B dongfeng cummins engine, the presence of all the participants witnessed this exciting moment.

Cummins power in the small and medium-sized power unit as the main product, a new generation 6B series, including C150D5B and C175D5B two models, compared to the previous generation of products, new product performance is more outstanding, highlights more prominent:

Product power density increase, covers an area of ​​smaller;

Controller upgrade Chinese operation, more adapted to the Chinese market;

Increase the quiet box-type products, use more widely.

Product power density increase, smaller footprint

Based on years of understanding and analysis of the Chinese market demand, a new generation of 6B series in the performance optimization and updating, to better meet the needs of Chinese customers. As the heart of the B series engine generator sets, Cummins is the world's largest engine platform, one of the world to safe and reliable, high-performance world-renowned, is a well-deserved in the engine power leader.

The new generation of 6B series generator set is more comprehensive technology upgrade, product power density increased significantly, smaller size, lighter weight, not only can reduce transportation costs, more effectively reduce the client room required area. In the installation space requirements for small and medium-sized units of small horsepower applications such as hospitals, communities, small room, the space savings not only directly lead to the installation of convenience, more direct economic value.

Controller upgrade Chinese operation, more adapted to the Chinese market

Cummins Power, as always, attention to the needs of the Chinese market, a new generation of 6B series generator standard PC1.2 controller, specially designed Chinese interface. In addition, the unit parallel case, but also optional PC3.3 controller, the operating system is also equipped with Chinese interface, to achieve a more simple and more economical parallel program.

Increase the quiet box-type products, use more widely

6B series open units with 50 ℃ cooling system, to meet the high temperature environment. The series units are standard 8-hour anti-leakage bottom of the tank, for the Chinese stock market, and reduce the potential for environmental pollution. And this release of the new generation of 6B series, a major highlight is the new silence box engine group, can be used outdoors, saving customer room costs, and fully meet the different installation sites and application environments in China.

Continued to provide excellent products to Chinese customers, Cummins is the leading power brand shaping one of the secrets. From the global flagship product QSK95 series, to C2750D5B (QSK60 series of maximum power products), to a new generation of small and medium-sized 6B series, Cummins power in the product layout full flowering. Depth understanding of China's localization market, innovation, and actively respond to the needs of the Chinese market, Cummins power to create more and more Chinese customers surprise.


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