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Shaft accessory drive 3045229 Cummins KTA38-C1200

cummins spare part KTA38-C1200 cummins shaft accessory drive 3045229

Product Details:
Place of Origin Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name cummins
Model Number KTA38-C1200
Usage Automobile
Fuel Diesel
Stroke 4 Stroke
Cylinder Multi-cylinder
Cold Style Water-cooled
Start Electric Start


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cummins spare part

SO60193 Cummins Diesel KTA38-C1200 the basic performance parameters,

3045229 shaft accessory drive for Cummins engine models,

ESN Production date engine model
SO60193 2009 KTA38-C1200
K38 K38
K38 KT2300-C(900)
K38 KT-2300-C(900)
K38 KT-2300-G
K38 KT-2300M
K38 KT38
K38 KT-38-C(900)
K38 KT38C-900
K38 KT38-G
K38 KT38-GH
K38 KT38-GM
K38 KT-38-M
K38 KT38-M800
K38 KT38-P780
K38 KT38-P830
K38 KTA2300
K38 KTA-2300-C(1050)
K38 KTA-2300-C(1200)
K38 KTA-2300C-1050
K38 KTA-2300C-1200
K38 KTA-2300G-1
K38 KTA-2300-G-1
K38 KTA-2300G2
K38 KTA-2300-G2
K38 KTA-2300G3
K38 KTA-2300-G3
K38 KTA-2300G4-1490
K38 KTA-2300M
K38 KTA-2300-M
K38 KTA-2300-P(1050)
K38 KTA38
K38 KTA38-C1050
K38 KTA38C-1050
K38 KTA38-C1100
K38 KTA38-C1200
K38 KTA38C-1200
K38 KTA38-D(M)
K38 KTA38G-1
K38 KTA38-G1350
K38 KTA38G2
K38 KTA38-G2
K38 KTA-38-G2(1200)
K38 KTA38-G2H
K38 KTA38-G2M
K38 KTA38G3
K38 KTA38-G3(1325)
K38 KTA38-G4

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