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Cummins wins patent infringement lawsuit with Rotomaster

Cummins and Cummins Limited ("Cummins") today announced that they have reached a settlement agreement with ADP Distribution Company and ADP American Distribution Company, which is engaged in the business of Rotomaster, for the patent infringement of Cummins. A satisfactory decision containing the relevant settlement conditions has been approved by the Indiana Indiana District Court.

The lawsuit originated from Rotomaster's infringement of Cummins patents in the United States and overseas turbochargers. Under the terms of the settlement, Rotomaster shall cease the production of infringing products in all countries and territories where Cummins has a valid patent and cease all infringement activities in the United States. Rotomaster acknowledges the validity and feasibility of the Cummins patent and acknowledges that it is in infringement.

"Cummins is satisfied with this dispute," said Mahesh Narang, executive director of Cummins and general manager of turbocharging technology. "Cummins has always respected the intellectual property rights of others, but also take the necessary action to safeguard their intellectual property rights to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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