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Diesel gratifying overseas markets

In the first half, an increase of diesel sales in overseas markets boosted the morale of each diesel engine business. Well, the reasons for the growth of the diesel engine business in overseas markets that?

From each of the diesel engine business strategy point of view, adjust its strategy layout overseas markets are closely related. A slowdown in the domestic economy "new normal", diesel engine business into overseas markets moves frequently, such as the marketing focus to international markets; conduct efficient linkage and automobile companies, supporting vehicle exports; the full market introduction of products, expand sales range; comply with the policy, optimize the product structure; enhanced service, expand brand influence and so on.

Yuchai as Southeast Asia's "Big Brother", in addition to benefiting from sales growth overseas Vietnamese economic rebound in the environment, also depends Yuchai years of careful management in the Vietnamese market, the full import of products, timely service and so help Yuchai access to overseas customers and market recognition. Xichai overseas business leader said the growth was mainly due to overseas business XiChai its brand marketing model to explore the overseas market, by improving product quality and service quality to further establish the brand image, in order to increase the visibility abroad, and also by OEMs and foreign businessmen efficient linkage supporting the vehicle and non-road machinery products, making exports continued to grow. He also said that although the first half of the increase is large, but the second half of the situation is grim, XiChai always ready for a more intense challenge.

In addition, respondents said the cost advantage of domestic diesel engine diesel overseas sales growth is a factor. With tightened, full switch domestic emissions regulations State Ⅳ standard diesel engine products, have made technological level of domestic diesel products has been greatly improved. Tianjin Lovol Engines aimed at the international advanced technical standards, to accelerate the development of energy saving technologies and products, but also in the delivery of Iranian clients engine, by increasing the level of rust and packaging, to provide a more economical and secure packaging solutions give the unanimous recognition.

Although diesel engines overseas market situation is good, but as more and more enterprises to enter the overseas market competition will become more intense. In this situation, companies that have diesel engines, should be based on the consolidation of existing markets and expand the potential of other markets, including Southeast Asia, the CIS, South America and other regional markets, in particular, to comply with the national "along the way" policy to join in infrastructure along the regional markets, thus achieving a balanced development of the regional market.

    The first half of 2015, subject to the domestic commercial vehicle market downturn, China's diesel engine market bleak. China Automotive Industry Association data show that as of June 2015, China's automotive diesel engine sales totaled 1,411,800 units, down 21.71 percent.

Diesel sluggish domestic situation prompted companies have issued force overseas markets. In the first half of this year, we can export statistics to show that 57% of the diesel engine business exports have increased to varying degrees. Among them, only a small diesel engine to export 347,500 units, an increase of 20.7%. Visible in the first half of the diesel engine export situation for the better, gratifying results.

General increase in overseas sales

From exports, the domestic several major diesel engine companies have different levels of growth.

2015, Wuxi overall development in overseas markets, with high-tech and high-cost advantages, to achieve the double growth in export volume and sales in the first half of this year, Wuxi overseas market with 72.1% year on year increase another record a new high. Among them, Conway turbocharged and intercooled engine, total exports 4 / 6DF more engines have increased greatly. Moreover, the first half of 1256 exports XiChai by Fukuda Changsha station Xichai Conway engine, successfully entered the Southeast Asia a large automobile assembly enterprises supporting system, have achieved a supplier 1000, subsequent to the formation of a stable supply.

Yuchai side said that as of June this year, Yuchai diesel engines exported 23,000 units, an increase of 33.5%, including Vietnam, the Saudi market performed better, these two export markets, more than half of total exports. In the first half of this year, Vietnam exported more than 1 million units, compared to last year growth of 136%; at the same time, Saudi Arabia exports more than twice last year, and more importantly Yuchai Saudi school bus station 1960 winning projects, In the passenger car market gradually gain competitive advantage.

In addition, Shandong Huayuan Levin dynamic export diesel engine 41,800 units, an increase of 92.31%; Weichai exports about 10,000 units, a slight increase over last year; cloud power outlet diesel reached 10,000 units, the main exporting countries have Vietnam , Myanmar, Laos, up slightly growth; Tianjin Lovol Engines complete Iran 1080 engines delivered, up 10% over last year.

Yunnei Power Co., Ltd., general manager of marketing company Wang Hongliang said it expects the second half of this year, exports of diesel engines will be flat with the first half. Companies have said the second half will continue to increase diesel exports, but the situation will be more severe. "We expect the second half of this year, total domestic exports of diesel will keep growing, but the growth rate may be narrowed, because the domestic market is in an adjustment phase, the companies will set their sights on overseas markets, the objective will be to stimulate exports of diesel engines." Jade Chai official said.

Form strategic layout adjustment cost advantage

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