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Dongfeng and Dana reached cooperation both sides each hold 50% equity stake

On July 13, DANA corporation (DANA) global President and chief executive Roger wood appear in the "dongfeng – DANA to deepen strategic cooperation" ceremony.

Roger wood since it joined Dana left berg warner in April this year, this is the second time he came to China, after June 3, he used to lead the assistant visited dongfeng automobile company, in this time, he struck a Dana capital of dongfeng Dana (DDAC) matters relating to the end of the axle co., LTD.
"Dongfeng – Dana to deepen strategic cooperation" Dana corporation is the content of the increase of dongfeng Dana business equity, from 4% to 50%. It marks the dongfeng limited with Dana after seven years of cooperation, realize a 50:50 of equity structure, thus will work together towards a new stage.
This in both seems to be a very satisfactory cooperation, Dana corporation has realized the capital and share in cash, with dongfeng full share of the world's largest commercial vehicle market scale growth dividend, finish the layout of the China business. Dongfeng commercial vehicle as dongfeng Dana's parent company, great achievements have been made in the first half of this year, in the case of the whole market downturn, dongfeng commercial vehicle in heavy card to sell nearly 140000 vehicles, to further improve market share, the top in the industry. After the Dana increase endowment spread, dongfeng hopes the two sides in China and the global common development.
For dongfeng, is currently in implementing the strategy of globalization will not only strengthen the axle in DDAC business in the future, other technologies such as actuator can also be dongfeng use, global competitiveness, but also can make full use of resources was all over the world, as well as the network system to support the east into the overseas development. For the dongfeng – Dana to deepen strategic cooperation reached, Dana global President and chief executive Roger wood for "car review reporter.
A=Automotive Observer
R=Roger J Wood
A: why is he increase endowment spread at this time, put forward A 50:50 ratio? What is the specific measures of DDAC future?
R: you said increase its stake in the background, starting in 2005 in cooperation with dongfeng, encouraged by partner dongfeng continued strong development limited, expect to deepen the cooperation with dongfeng, this is Dana's agriculture is an important step in the Chinese market and the global strategy. China is already the world's largest commercial vehicle market, is currently the world's fastest growing market, hidden countless business opportunities, we hope we can become the most important in the market one of the biggest suppliers, so we propose to increase equity, at this time with dongfeng forming 50:50 ratio of plan, we are equal partners. We will use both sides of the parent company technologies, management and other support, and the wind was to forge a most competitive axle axle co., LTD. Company.
A: about Dana wuxi in China at present situation of the construction of the r&d center? Dana technology introduced to China will speed up the pace?
R: wuxi technology center is not focus on commercial vehicle axle products, focusing instead on power system and thermal management system of research and development, believe that as a global supplier of experience tells us that only in the research and development to meet local market demand in China, so we put technology research center of Asia Pacific region in wuxi. Wuxi technology center a total of 150 people, some do not highway Bridges, product functional test and traditional shaft part do heat experiment, has a close interaction with technology center. We think DDAC dongfeng is stronger, he will continue to provide new technical support, including improve the life of the product, product performance, and harshness (NVH) such as noise performance.

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