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Dongfeng commercial vehicle company the first 10 months heavy card sales hit 200000 units

Dongfeng commercial vehicle company business letters show: the first 10 month accumulative total sales of close to 300000 vehicles, up 13% from a year earlier, to complete the annual target of 95%. Among them, the company in, heavy card sales in October 15000, cumulative sales hit 200000 units in October before, in the case of tighter industry situation, dongfeng commercial vehicle company continues to stay healthy, comfortably heavy CARDS industry leading position.

At the end of the third quarter this year, in the domestic heavy card market strains are easing, occupy the leading position of the dongfeng commercial vehicle company seize the market opportunity, the annual target by sprint. Early set of not less than 300000 annual sales target, from the current situation analysis and target have no suspense, surpassing last year level has become the challenge target, the market downturn in the industry environment presents so business performance is particularly rare.

In heavy card market, dongfeng commercial vehicle company October sales above all, the first 10 month accumulative total sales of 150000 vehicles, solidify heavy CARDS industry leading position. Among them, the dongfeng tianlong series products in the first 10 month accumulative total sales of 85000 units, and become the user's preferred model. In the card, dongfeng commercial vehicle sales of 52000 units in October, before the company has already finished ahead of the annual aim. Among them, the series products of dongfeng days kam cumulative sales of 42000 vehicles in October, before listing for three years, the market's realizing exponentially, strengthened the dongfeng medium-sized truck market in the domestic leader.

This year, dongfeng commercial vehicle company as "ZhiLiangNian", as the company strongly promote "quality homogeneity" operation system, improve the whole value chain in the field of management ability and the quality of work, promote the growth of the company sales performance. In October, dongfeng commercial vehicle company headquarters sales more than 10000 vehicles, the first 10 month accumulative total sales of more than 140000 vehicles, achieve annual target of 95%. Dongfeng liu steam still maintained strong growth momentum, in October 12000, up 35% from a year earlier, the first 10 month accumulative total sales of more than 110000 vehicles, up 42% from a year earlier, to complete the annual target; , dongfeng liu steam, MPV before October to sell nearly 80000 vehicles, up 133% from a year earlier.

Huang Gang dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager, said: "the 42 years of accumulation of dongfeng commercial vehicle company formed its own core competitiveness, that is one of the is the upgraded product, a product is not developed by a certain generation, but the accumulation of 42 years. At present, dongfeng tianlong and dongfeng days kam from entering the product mature stage, the market performance is good. At the same time, in recent years, dongfeng commercial vehicle company to customers as the center to foster market response ability, form the" iron triangle "system, transformation and marketing way, make the whole operation and management level."

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