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Dongfeng commercial vehicle company’s 2012 annual meeting held in hubei shiyan heavy card to the new factory

On December 18, 2012 annual meeting in hubei shiyan dongfeng commercial vehicle company heavy card at new factory. Assembly, dongfeng commercial vehicle company in heavy card sales throughout the year is expected to exceed 230000 vehicles, market share steadily improve, continuous heavy CARDS industry in the domestic leading position, supported the "dongfeng" remain the world's leading brand of heavy card sales.

"Dongfeng" brand heavy card: in the industry competition ability to ascend
In 2011, the industry of heavy card sales decline, the market return to rationality, is expected to drop of 10% throughout the year. In this situation, dongfeng commercial vehicle company in heavy card to sell nearly 220000 vehicles in November before, fell 5%, a drop below the industry, including the department grow, various strains, the balanced development of share of each manufacturing unit at the top of industry first, expects annual sales to 160000 vehicles. In sales, driven by dongfeng commercial vehicle company in heavy card market share of 0.7%, among them, the heavy card from industry first, the third largest in the card first, continue to maintain industry showing a continued robust enterprise development momentum.
In 2011, dongfeng commercial vehicle company, strengthening marketing ability, positive response to the national laws and regulations, deepen the product line management, enhance the brand value, development and maintenance of goods platform constantly strengthened, the market response capacity continued ascension. On the marketing model, collaborative business research and development, procurement, manufacturing, and service system for the whole value chain of synergy, formed the dongfeng commercial vehicle company's unique marketing model, supporting the company strategic commodities continued robust growth.
Dongfeng tianlong heavy card strategic commodities will hit a new high this year, sales of close to 100000 vehicles. Dongfeng tianlong listed for the past five years, the cumulative sales will exceed 300000 units, good quality be the first choice of the user's trust. In November, "dragon" brand by the national administration for industry and commerce as "China well-known trademark", is the first to be included in the commercial vehicle industry brands. Dongfeng days kam card strategy in commodity sales nearly 50000 vehicles this year. Listed for three years, doubling of dongfeng days kam market ownership realization, become a card in the value of benchmarking, strengthened the dongfeng commercial vehicle company in domestic medium-sized truck market leader status.
"Dongfeng" brand of heavy card: global reputation continued ascension
As dongfeng commodity more mature and the improvement of market share, represented by dongfeng commercial vehicle company "dongfeng" brand heavy card in global influence gradually strengthen, dongfeng brand heavy card (6 t) or higher in total sales in global sales last year on again after the first global annual list.
In 2011, dongfeng commercial vehicle company in sound operation, with "China's dongfeng dongfeng, world" as the goal, to strengthen the leading position in the domestic market at the same time, actively opening up overseas markets, by perfecting the whole value chain operation system for the overseas market, accelerate strategic layout, realizes the recovery growth in overseas markets, overseas sales rose 17%.
Future, facing the competition internationalization of China's truck, dongfeng commercial vehicle company will break the simple price competition and homogeneity competition, break through the simple scale growth mode, realize the made in China, the world quality, pursuit of technology, quality, brand, management on the sustainable development strategy, actively into the international competition.
Huang Gang dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager, said: "in 2011, when the market downturn of commercial vehicles Middle East wind company achieved superior to industry performance, through the commodity of upgrading transformation, the whole value chain management, marketing, and business improvement, consolidate and expand the industry lead. In 2012, industry environment both opportunities and challenges, we will be careful scientific prediction, challenge and enterprising attitude, to ensure that market share is not lower than this year."
TongDongCheng Zhu Fushou, deputy general manager, general manager of dongfeng automobile company to visit the conference and delivered a speech. Xu Ping, chairman of the board of the dongfeng automobile company, dongfeng motor co., LTD. Chairman nakamura male tiger congratulatory message and video message respectively. A batch of excellent dealers by recognition and rewards. After the meeting, dongfeng commercial vehicle company management to lead the marketing team and dealers at all levels, service, logistics, refitting companies and financial institutions and other partners in a relaxed and active interest games.

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