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Dongfeng commercial vehicle frame factory proposed to build industry-leading excellence factory

April 14, the CPC Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. frame factory held the tenth party congress. It is proposed to promote the manufacturing and upgrading, enhance the core competitiveness of the frame; focus on promoting innovation drive, to achieve the coordinated development of new and old positions; efforts to promote the management of change, to promote the enterprise, the company will focus on the future development of the industry, Strong and excellent; efforts to promote deepening reform, stimulate the development of enterprise vitality.
The meeting examined and approved the work report of the Party committee and the work report of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, elected Yin Xiaojun, Lu Nanduan, Wu Yu, Luo Zhu, Ling Ji, Guo Ruqiang and Xue Yingling as the members of the 10th Party Committee of the frame factory, Zhou Haimei, Guo Ruqiang, Liang Lixin for the frame of the tenth session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.
The meeting pointed out that the next four years, the frame plant will adhere to and implement the development of new ideas, relying on Dongfeng commercial vehicle long-term business plan, Volvo resources and Xiping frame project construction, in the "four first-class" strategic objectives based on efforts to achieve new Cross-domain, to create industry-leading excellence factory, continue to create "smart frame" to promote enterprise Evergreen; create "quality frame" to speed up the manufacturing management upgrade; build "clean frame" Party to create a "humanistic frame" to enhance the team's professional quality; to create "vitality frame" to promote the party building work innovation; create a "harmonious frame" to promote the development of shared win-win situation.
Dongzheng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Party Secretary Zhang Zu Tong attended the meeting, he was the framework of the ninth party congress held since the results have been fully affirmed. Zhang Zutong said, around the reshaping Dongfeng commercial vehicle industry leading edge, the framework of the party committee to further strengthen the leadership of the party building capacity to achieve business and party building work of mutual integration; to further strengthen the party building infrastructure, the strict management of the party ; To further strengthen the two-party organizations to serve employees, maintain the stability of the ability to effectively safeguard the interests of the majority of employees, employees and enterprises to achieve common development.
At the end of the 10th Party Congress of the frame factory, the new party committee and the Discipline Inspection Commission held the first plenary meeting respectively. Lu Nanfang was elected as the secretary of the party committee and Guo Ruqiang was elected as deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the commissar committee.

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