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Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy card new factory full production

On September 29, is located in hubei shiyan dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy card new factory put into production formally.

Huang Gang dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager, told reporters: "dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy card of new factory since its founding in May 2010, after more than a year of construction, for trial production in June this year, the first dongfeng tianlong offline smoothly too. Today, a new plant project was officially put into production, complete and comprehensive new factory will bring heavy card take dongfeng tianlong and future heavy card production task of new products and become a vehicle assembly, testing, testing, storage and transportation delivery as a whole, production management has reached the international level of green environmental protection ecological plant benchmarking."

As is known to all, in spite of heavy card market in China in the past 10 years, the rapid growth of the more than two digits, but this year's heavy card market has fallen nearly 10%. Slower growth in the industry or even decline under the situation of expansion, dongfeng approach seems to be incredible.

Huang Gang from dongfeng commercial vehicle performance analysis of heavy card market in two new factory put into production the necessity and urgency.

First of all, the domestic medium and heavy card market. In heavy card industry growth slowed sharply in the first half of this year situation, dongfeng commercial vehicle is the continuation of the last strong momentum of development, especially represented by dragon heavy trucks, for the first time in the first half of the sales champion, heavy CARDS industry began to lead. But at the same time, dongfeng commercial vehicle and powertrain capacity problem gradually revealed. Today, the heavy card full production of the new factory, solved the problem of insufficient production capacity rapidly.

Huang Gang analysis, said: "the fall in the market this year, dongfeng commercial vehicle company in the first eight months of the year accumulative total sales of dongfeng brand, heavy card nearly 170000 units, sales continued, heavy CARDS industry in the first, our market share has increased by 1%. The reason will appear this kind of circumstance, because the east wind is a 42 years old enterprise, 42 years of accumulation makes the east wind has its own core competitiveness, and the core competitiveness is concrete embodiment on product upgrading. Dongfeng products enter the market not only quickly became a thing of the mature product, and changed the pattern of China's heavy card market and technical route. This is the advantage of dongfeng. In addition, in the past few years time, dongfeng internal customers as the center to market, cultivating market response capacity, formed the mechanism of iron triangle. The transformation of marketing, marketing ability enhance. Combined with the east wind is the company good at learning, we have a lot of partners, every foreign cooperation.

"Then look at the international market. From the point of sales, global 6 tons of heavy card, we have been ranked top three for several years. But we don't think that the east wind has is a global brand, for more than 95% of sales are in China mainland. Committed to the" China wind "into a" world wind ", we must from the Chinese market to the overseas market. We have a globalization of overall strategy, will be implemented step by step.First of all, we hope to become one of Asia's leading brand, and become a world famous brand, and to have a unique value of brand, we are according to the direction of advance. At present, in some markets we already have certain brand awareness, in Iran, in southeast Asia, in Africa, for example, but it is far from enough, we hope that within five years do 10% of sales from overseas markets. This requires that we sell is not only a product, but the user's trust. And the trust of the user from the advanced product technology, reliable product quality. As a new middle dongfeng automobile co., LTD. Is an important part of the business plan, dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy card of new factory put into production and laying of powertrain today the new factory, will improve dongfeng commercial vehicle, powertrain, and components production capacity, so as to ensure the smooth realization of the goal dongfeng overseas sales. "

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