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dongfeng cummins,cummins parts,Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy truck sales in mid-June 20000 up by 49%

According to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Letters Show: June, the company sold more than 19,700 vehicles in the heavy truck, growth of nearly 13%, an increase of 49%, 1-June total sales of over 95,000 units, an increase of more than 8% over completed six objectives.

It is understood that, following the January 26 Dongfeng Group and Volvo Group signed a strategic alliance, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor truck sales are no longer included in the sales of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited. Aspects of heavy truck, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. in June sales over 14,000 units, growth of nearly 16%, an increase of 58% in January-June total sales of over 67,000 units, an increase of 6.5%, exceeding the six goals; the card side, June sales of 5600, growth of 6%, an increase of 30%, 1-June total sales of nearly 28,000, an increase of 12.6%.

Earlier this year, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. on the domestic heavy truck market to make the basic judgments: the annual industry total sales volume was essentially flat with 2012, higher sales during the first half, the second half is low. 2013 heavy truck market in the first half showing growth of two main reasons: First, the implementation of the country four drive market advance purchase; Second, the replacement of a heavy truck into a small peak period; Third, demand has picked up pulling infrastructure engineering heavy truck sales improved.

In the first half of the relative increase in the heavy truck market, the situation, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. adhere to sound management, to maintain a good development situation. The company's strategy Dongfeng heavy truck market seven years, the cumulative sales of nearly 400,000, and continued by the trust of customers. Listed in the card Dongfeng five years, doubling to achieve market holdings, becoming the card value of benchmarking, to further consolidate the domestic medium-duty trucks in Dongfeng commercial vehicle market leader position.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. has always been committed to continuous technological innovation, as well as a vehicle to provide professional vehicle based professional services to facilitate road transport efficiency improvement, continuous practice from the truck manufacturer to the transportation services industry partners transformation.

In practice, the Dongfeng commercial vehicle systems in the organization on the first transition-oriented industry segments, providing one to one, targeted vehicle solutions. In vehicles, Dongfeng commercial vehicle has been in LTL, courier and transportation of hazardous industry has made a successful practice, won the trust of our customers in China, has become the benchmark for the value of the various industry segments. In this year's Shanghai auto show, but also for the market to prepare a new generation of highly efficient long-distance truck – Denon flagship, efficient transport to accommodate future needs. In the operation of the vehicle protection, Dongfeng commercial vehicle launched customized service solutions support vehicles running worry free. Support operations management in the vehicle, Dongfeng Telematics systems for logistics enterprises to reduce costs, improve management, and create value.

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