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Dongfeng commercial vehicle in the first three quarters of heavy card to sell nearly 190000 vehicles

According to dongfeng commercial vehicle company business letters: the company to sell nearly 30000 vehicles in September, up 15% from a year earlier, before September to sell nearly 270000 vehicles, up 15% from a year earlier, has been completed for ninety percent of the annual target, always keep the steady operation situation. Among them, the heavy card in the company to sell nearly 20000 vehicles in September, before September to sell nearly 190000 vehicles, rose 14%, and in industry environment is not optimistic market performance made all the way up, duration respectively firmly, heavy CARDS industry in the leading position, to further strengthen its industry advantage.

As a fist products of dongfeng commercial vehicle company, dongfeng tianlong heavy card series, dongfeng days kam card series, its excellent quality be the first choice of the users trust. In heavy card market, dongfeng commercial vehicle company sold 14000 vehicles in September, the first nine month accumulative total sales of 140000 units, to complete the annual target of 74%, among them, dongfeng tianlong before September to sell nearly 80000 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 6%. Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy card a new plant project was officially put into production, complete and comprehensive new factory for dongfeng tianlong and heavy production task of new products, future will boost dongfeng tianlong technology and to further improve the quality of compaction dongfeng tianlong dominance in the heavy CARDS industry. Card, in the first nine month accumulative total sales of nearly 50000 units, has overfulfilled the annual sales target, among them, the east wind nearly 40000 vehicles in September before days kam, year-on-year growth of 56%, highlighted the characteristics of benchmarking in card industry value.

In recent years, dongfeng commercial vehicle active overseas strategic layout, speed up the implementation of overseas enterprise strategic transformation, achieved a steady growth in overseas markets in 2011, before September sales rose 16%, achieve annual goals worth waiting for. In September, dongfeng commercial vehicle company together with its star products, a strong debut in 2011, the 11th international commercial auto show in Russia. By introducing marketable products, and implementation of joint marketing market, dongfeng commercial vehicle to realize stride development of the Russian market. Across the value chain collaboration optimization, and gradually to the subsidiary, dongfeng commercial vehicle company comprehensive strength increase brought about by the growth performance, especially under the condition of the market downturn this year. Dongfeng commercial vehicle company headquarters in the first nine month accumulative total sales of more than 130000 vehicles, nearly 89% to complete the annual target. Dongfeng liu steam still maintain rapid growth, up 50% from a year earlier, the MPV brand in the first three quarters of the total sales of 70000 units, has overfulfilled the annual aim.

A few days ago, held in shiyan dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy card, foundation stone laying ceremony of new factory put into production and powertrain will further consolidate the dongfeng brand, heavy card type in the industry's leading position in the future. Huang Gang dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager, said: "the card for the construction of new factories and powertrain plant, is the company based on the judgment of future long-term stable market growth and development of overseas business, an important step is the company's long-term development strategy, will be the leading dongfeng commercial vehicle industry status and the strategy of" big commercial vehicle "dongfeng company provide adequate security."

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