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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Kinland 6X4 Tractor Assembly with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ480 41 engine

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Kinland flagship truck 480 hp 6X4 Tractor Assembly High top cab, Power, equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ480 41 engine, the output power of 480 horsepower, in line with the four / Euro four emissions, matching VT02514B (manual) gearbox, stalls for 12, using Dongfeng 485 single bridge after the bridge, speed ratio 3.42, in addition, the car is also equipped with automatic air conditioning, electric sunroof, electric heated mirrors, electric doors and windows, central locking, 600L aluminum fuel tank, full floating cab, airbag seat, cruise speed, 50 # saddle

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