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Dongfeng core executive interpretation “dongfeng” strategy

As large auto, dongfeng motor itself has the large scale advantage, but in the "twelfth five-year", the "big" proposed by the authors interpret what should do?

Autobots reported on August 12, the concept of "dongfeng" is put forward, causing concern in the industry. Just a car powers in China, has yet to become a powerful car, under the background of the so-called "big", itself is a sensitive news words. As large auto, dongfeng motor itself has the large scale advantage, but in the "twelfth five-year", the "big" proposed by the authors interpret what should do? "Car guy" approached some of dongfeng key executives, and listen to them.

Xu Ping: dongfeng route is "stronger"

Is the main content of the organization adjustment, comb, adjustment and supplement existing institutions and functions, the company headquarters will planning investment changed its name to "strategic planning", adjust the function of operation management, changed its name to operation management department, a newly established organization, international business department of the ministry of information industry (mii), capital operations (asset management), social career management centre, etc. On this basis, the company also made a corresponding adjustment to division of leadership. Organization adjustment, highlighted the dongfeng headquarters during the "twelfth five-year" strategic positioning, become group center for strategic decision making, operation control center and harmonious construction of dongfeng propulsion.

Dongfeng company currently and in the next period, according to the "development and construction of carmakers' strongest domestic, international first-class '" of the" twelfth five-year "development strategy target, around accelerate transformation of the mode of development and speed up the pace of independent development two big tasks, improve the enterprise core competitive ability, strengthens the enterprise whole quality, accelerate the expansion of dongfeng dongfeng mahayana cars, dongfeng commercial vehicle, spare parts, dongfeng key assembly, dongfeng new energy automobile, dongfeng's strategy of" going out "strategy planning and layout, opening up the new situation of dongfeng enterprise of scientific development.

Zhu Fushou: strong synergy matrix flattening

We speak together development, also raised many times, but the result is bad, why? Here are three reasons:One is the company each leader, basic is given priority to with plates, consciousness of everyone in the mind all is a plate, between plate and plate contact few; Second, group headquarters also does not have a corresponding departments to coordinate work plan; Three is the coordination of the overall environment and collaborative atmosphere is not created.

So, this time we adjust the fundamental key, is to build a matrix management, dilute plate, outstanding business, strengthen the "three centers" strategic positioning of the headquarters of the group. If can do it well in the aspect of "coordination", the east wind has great potential.

In the future, the company in line with the principle of "flat layout, balanced development" optimization of enterprise architecture, after 3 to 5 years efforts, build six to eight home sold more than 500000 units, 2-5 home business unit for vehicle sales in 200000, distributed in each market segment, using a different brand. In addition, we also build 3-5 level of spare parts, equipment, special vehicle, business and other business units, provide support for the vehicle development, facing the social development at the same time. Build dongfeng financial platform, assets management platform, direct selling business platform 3 big platform, enhance the strategic control ability.
We want to through the optimization of a few years time, think you could do the layout of a flat.

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