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Dongfeng Cummins invited flagship division to plant guests the best experience

  Dongfeng Cummins invited flagship division to plant guests the best experience Original title: Dongfeng Cummins invited flagship division to plant guests the best experience


  Cummins, with its professional and dedicated to become the industry leader in the engine, while its partner team is also growing, as its partner Dongfeng, like two intimate family, togetherness and solidarity, win glory.


  Dongfeng Cummins recently invited the best experience flagship division and his entourage arrived Cummins factories guests, which is the second in December 2015 the first batch of Dongfeng commercial vehicle division to experience success, after a lapse of nine months of the second division held Flagship Experience activity.


  The event total of nearly twenty best experience division by Internet voting in the election of many players come to the fore, most of which are involved in "looking super hero" online interactive activities Cummins official micro-channel to carry, they are Dongfeng loyal fans and Dongfeng Cummins flagship product of its excellent performance is the most qualified to speak! users to understand the best experience Cummins engine division closer look ISZ


  Cummins found at the scene, the best experience Denon flagship division Kankan and his entourage arrived home around on their own 13-liter engine in front, and to ask the technician details.


  Cummins main production 3.9-13 liter multi-series engine in which the experience of major events all flagship models equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ13 liters launch. ISZ engine with industry-leading 13-liter is truly 13L engine (12.975L), horsepower up to 560hp, unimaginable power and economy, the demand for a new generation of efficient transport; can achieve high at low speed torque, 1000rpm can achieve maximum torque of 2300N.m, similar products in the same horsepower segment maximum torque; while fuel economy is also very wide area, have great advantages compared with the same engine of the economy. After visiting include ISZ and other engine parts machining and assembly production line, a division of Kankan experience said: "The first time I saw the internal structure of the engine and the production process, Dongfeng Cummins strict manufacturing standards and quality management modernization true Yes, now I have more confidence in the Dongfeng Cummins engine! "


  Cummins division with the best experience and his party carried out a very meaningful exchange, at the best possible experience for each other masters ISZ13 liter engine discussion and exchange.


  Experience the best teacher representatives from Wuzhong Ma Baojun Kankan to share: "I purchased two April flagship Denon, less than two months time and quickly purchased one, and this two-month period in I lead my friends around a succession of acquired more than 20 Denon flagship. "


  Why Denon flagship would be so attracted to them? Cause or in the Dongfeng Cummins ISZ13 liter engine, this engine equipped with Denon's flagship, strong power, low fuel consumption. In Ma Baojun, for example, he ran mainly in Ningxia to Tianjin Port of import and export goods distribution, through a variety of terrain, Shaanxi, Shanxi, hill more, can Denon flagship climbing effortlessly, driving comfort, he laughs, master open after this car I do not want to open the other cars.


  In power, more than 1000 km from Ningxia to Tianjin Port down, Denon's flagship car is faster than the other 4-5 hours, since the horse master transport of goods particularly high requirements for timeliness, saved five hours for him significance, which is also an important reason for favorite horse master Denon flagship.


  Another experience is the most satisfactory division Xining Ning Cummins fuel consumption, mainly for the courier company he ran from Hangzhou to Guangzhou Express, SF, Shen Tong and other large logistics companies he served, for delivery to the freight logistics-based income Origin, Xining Ning special emphasis on fuel consumption.


  According to him, they usually run logistics full speed, his best result was an average of one hundred kilometers, only 25 liters of oil, a partner with him once in the whole car is not fully loaded, full speed and the average speed is about 90km / h of case, even ran out of the 23 liters of achievement, he said, even if it is usually not deliberately control the speed, average fuel consumption is only 27 liters, while his previous bests models opened, it was only 29 liters only, so a trip down he also earn a lot of money, Xining Ning said: "Dongfeng Cummins really stick impress."


  The activities we conducted in-depth exchange of experience masters tell each other their own use Dongfeng flagship of experience and knowledge, learn from each other, Dongfeng Cummins professional and technical service personnel division of Denon experience gave detailed answers to some questions . At harvest more than knowledge, experience Dongfeng flagship division were also deeply impressed by the Cummins factory close to the customer, and make unremitting efforts to enhance the customer experience made.


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