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Dongfeng Cummins ISDe won the 2017 annual Chinese truck users trust the most efficient medium-sized engine award

The award-winning ISDe4.5 series engine is 4.5-liter displacement of this segment of the engine of the general term, Dongfeng Cummins 4.5-liter diesel engine are using the same platform, through different tuning to achieve different market demand. ISDe4.5 series of rated horsepower range of 140P to 185P between the torque range of 550 Nm to 700 Nm between, all using inline 4-cylinder design, equipped with pressurized air intake, the power to meet the general light Medium-sized trucks and special vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that ISDe4.5 series engine uses BOSCH third generation high pressure common rail fuel system, is the current diesel engine mainstream configuration, can further improve low speed performance, fuel economy and cold start, and reduce emissions. The core components of the high-pressure pump can be obtained directly from the crankshaft power, and the fuel pressure to 1800Bar high pressure, and then through the injection system will be high-pressure fuel injected into the cylinder, 1800Bar high pressure fuel oil can be more refined, When you can burn faster and more complete, so that the engine can be more powerful power and more excellent thermal efficiency.

In addition, the intelligent electronic control system of the ISDe4.5 series engine and the optimized fuel system and combustion system ensure the best fuel economy and power efficiency in different environments.

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