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Dongfeng D12 global leading freight logistics market to lead a new upgrade

It is 12 meters long, carrying 18 tons;
It is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISB 5.9 and ISD 6.7 two 6-cylinder engine;
It uses aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy gas storage tube, vacuum tire, less leaf spring and other new technologies and new materials, reduce vehicle weight 500 kg or so;
It is tough quality, much different Dongfeng Duoli card D12.
Dongfeng card D12 car length can be up to 12 meters long, the cargo compartment to reach the industry's longest 9.85 meters, carrying 18 tons. D12 equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISB 5.9 and ISD 6.7 two 6-cylinder engine. Cummins Power, the Fast Gearbox and the "Triangle" combination of the Turner Axle ensure the quality of the D12.
In addition, D12 has a trunk length of 9.85 meters and a width of 2.47 meters, which has a larger and more loading space than similar products. Dr. Kang, C-LINK and other large data applications also makes the vehicle fuel consumption reduced by at least 1.1L or more. Dongfeng Motor from the quality, weight, volume, bulletin, fuel consumption and service six aspects to create this two-axis limit car, for the majority of users to create greater efficiency and value.
"Dongfeng Cummins provides a lifecycle logistics fleet operation management system solution that not only develops superior engine performance but also provides end-user technical support to reduce fleet operating costs."

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