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Dongfeng Kinland introduction

Dongfeng Tianlong sail version is Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. launched a long distance, transport vehicle with international leading level of, in May this year, officially listed, the standard price for 33.78 million yuan. The model's listing means that the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. will mobilize global quality resources, the development of international advanced level of products, for many of the truck to bring a higher quality of truck life.

Dongfeng dragon sail version of the four core characteristics of the traction vehicle outstanding: economic, efficient, safe and comfortable. Vehicle integrated design, equipped with the engine, transmission, rear axle are independent research and development, matching performance is excellent, to protect the high transmission efficiency. Sail version in Dongfeng Denon has been improved on the basis of the 68 projects and perfect, especially the new transmission system, and technology upgrades, quite awesome. Compared with the previous day dragon series of other models, the sail version of the warranty period from 24 months to 200000 kilometers to 36 kilometers 300000 kilometers.

Dongfeng Tianlong fuel saving technology after 10 years of market tests, a good reputation, and always maintain the leading industry, in the eyes of users of Dongfeng Tianlong is saving benchmark models, according to a series of user car following data show, Dongfeng Tianlong than the same platform competing products models of 100 km fuel consumption is reduced by 6%, sail version uphold Tianlong excellent fuel saving technology, comprehensive upgrade of economy, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

One is the Dongfeng constantly optimize the upgrading of DCI engine, 11L gold displacement, the surging momentum, is a multi session saving champion engine, optimal economic speed range, marker to plain driving 1100~1600rpm (instrument blue) and more suitable for mountain ramps driving 1200 ~ 1700rom (instrument yellow), for users provide more accurate and wider economic speed range, reaching the lowest industry 187g/kW.h specific power consumption.

Second is equipped with the new streamlined cab, matching with adjustable height of roof spoiler, practice has proved that trailer is higher than diversion cover height increased 250px each, fuel consumption will increase by 1%, the height adjustable top spoiler, effectively reduce the wind resistance, drag coefficient reached 0.535, the lowest in the industry.

Three is the full vehicle lightweight design, the use of Volvo technology, in the premise of ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle, the vehicle weight system optimization, to improve the quality of goods, significantly improve customer benefits.

At the same time, new optimization of transmission system, through test road, all-weather, adapt to various road conditions, speed, saving more balanced to ensure efficient transportation; optimization of electrical control characteristics, so that the ability of the vehicle to accelerate, maintain ability is stronger. The dynamic and economic performance of complex road conditions are improved.

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