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Dongfeng Liuqi H7 won the first battle

August 9, 2015, China's first truck open (CTR) station in the first game in Zhaoqing, Guangdong International Circuit ablaze, 13 cars to compete, Dongfeng carrying Chenglong H7 competition and won the group composed of champion. Lapras H7 is Dongfeng 2015 blockbuster products, at the Shanghai Auto Show debut at the beginning of, Chenglong H7 is with very impact visual enjoy continue to lead the people wonder: full of European style atmosphere, yet stylish, vehicle appearance to highlight the international high-end brand style, the mighty extraordinary, composed of traction vehicle weight is only 7.65T is to conquer the industry. "A good truck", five quality lapras H7 has safe, reliable, efficient, efficient, comfortable.

The entry of Chenglong H76*4 tractor is Dongfeng is in the second half of the year listed production of the main push models, the purpose is through the game let Chenglong H7 subjected to high strength match harsh test, verification of dynamic, acceleration, braking and other performances of the listed indicators comprehensive beyond customer expectations. Dongfeng invited from Europe's champion Racer Mr. AdamLacko and Mr. Han Xianwei joined domestic strength driver.

Competition in Guangzhou station, Chenglong H7 won the group composed of champion, adopted from the game, Chenglong H7 in straight line acceleration, braking distance far ultra professional modified racing, show the the import substitution of excellent character, shine in the game!

Lapras excellent game pack

First station in Guangzhou station 13 vehicles participating, 6 * 4 and 4 * 2 groups, composed and adopted by a car on the same stage also competitive hybrid format, some manufacturers the modification of 4 * 2 tractor participating traction, Dongfeng is selected the most efficient logistics market 6×4 production tractor, through the competition of the product stringent certification.

Lapras H7 in performance with industry leading edge, one of which is the power, the H7 is Cummins specifically tailored to create "gold power" engine can provide 450 horsepower strong power output, economic speed range 1100 to 1400 rpm and torque to 2238N.M, in industry leading level. The second is its acceleration, linear acceleration performance in accordance with the precise measurement, 55 tons of vehicles from zero to one hundred kilometers only 75 seconds, and the international benchmark for 71 seconds flat, leading industry for more than 10 seconds. Third is braking, the braking distance of the industry in general level is 35 meters, and Chenglong H7 braking distance reached 32 meters, reflecting the superior braking safety distance.

In Guangzhou station of racing, Chenglong H7 in straight line acceleration, braking distance far ultra professional modified 4×2 vehicle, to lap the fastest 2 minutes and 12 seconds of the outstanding achievements obtained unanimously endorsed by the industry and customers, Chenglong H7 in this event show domestic independent brand card foot to import truck is comparable to that of a strong performance. In the Guangzhou Railway Station, lapras H7 in group 6*4 Championship triumph in the pack attitude.

Pledging to become an independent school flag

The station as the battle H7 Chenglong truck China open, the first station, Liuzhou and card game and work to create a grand Chenglong H7 "a good truck in North and South" to start the ceremony, Dongfeng responsible person said, Chenglong H7 is gathering all Liuqi wisdom, which lasted for three years to build the effort. It has achieved new breakthroughs in high-end domestic heavy truck market, lapras H7 is a new truck, a truck is good. Lapras H7 will bring more high-quality driving experience and more commercial value of logistics solutions for customers.

Composed of domestic and foreign professional riders and professional management team of top Chenglong auto card combination, also is shouldering the Liuzhou Chenglong H7 campaign card mission match and battle the domestic high-end heavy truck market, Dongfeng Chenglong Auto Team AdamLacko Mr. awarded the holy flag, he will and all the members of the team carrying banners campaign CTR station three games.

The team on behalf of the international famous drivers AdamLacko Mr. said in the European Truck Racing is F1 and piloted a par with top international car racing, it within the scope of Europe and the world are very influential. At the same time, China as the world's have the truck driver, the largest number of countries, Chenglong H7 participating CTR is of great significance, Mr. AdamLacko had repeatedly in the European Truck Racing has the excellent ranking, to take part in this session of the event is the first of its kind in China in racing game site, in the face of the challenges and opportunities, Mr. AdamLacko to lapras H7 excellent performance and its technology full of confidence, believe in the subsequent game to achieve better results.

The car was like lapras security H7

China Truck open as China motor industry this year a major event, has attracted from customers in the industry and the media industry hundreds of people live spectators and experience together the excellent quality of the "good truck". Lapras H7 performance European Championships in military AdamLacko expressed satisfaction said the in braking stability, other than the racing has advantages and to lapras H7 security team greatly praised.

CTR Guangzhou races, Dongfeng sent more than 10 professional guarantee contingent, security group responsible person said, Dongfeng practice service first philosophy, at present distance H7 listed still for a period of time, but in most of the region has completed the H7 maintenance training, in regional parts have been put in place, Guangzhou station security team mainly by local service station, perfect as the cost of maintenance, troubleshooting, performance tuning and business.

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