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Dongfeng Motor Company and Cummins Company 30th Anniversary and New Generation ISZ Help Dongfeng “Genesis” Truck Cooperation Project Launching Ceremony Held in Wuhan

In 1986, China's auto industry leader – Dongfeng Motor Company and the world's largest independent engine manufacturer – the United States Cummins company to achieve foreign cooperation: the signing of B series engine license production agreement, played the two sides together the prelude. Today, the two sides with impressive results, fruitful results ushered in the 30th anniversary of the win-win cooperation celebration, and a new generation of ISZ engine help "Genesis" truck cooperation project for the two sides also established a sincere cooperation between the new milestone.

Dongfeng Motor Company Chairman, Party Secretary Zhu Yanfeng, Dongfeng Motor Company General Manager, Party Secretary Li Shao candle, Cummins company chairman Lan Bowen (Tom Linebarger) and other Dongfeng Motor Company, Cummins and the joint venture leaders and media from all over the country Representatives attended the celebration held at Dongfeng Motor Company headquarters to jointly review the achievements made by the two sides in the past 30 years, and focus on the future planning of both sides in the technology, products, markets and other areas for the cooperation into the new vitality, for the Industry and the environment to make more positive contributions.

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