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Dongfeng Peugeot to continue to test a low: fight own brand range, open up the roadn

  Dongfeng Peugeot to continue to test a low: fight own brand range, open up the road  original title: Dongfeng Peugeot to continue to test a low: fighting the independent brand range


  Dongfeng Peugeot to continue to test a low: fight own brand range, open up the road. Is a second-line joint venture brands like sandwich biscuits, two pressure, there is a joint venture brands on the advantages of suppression of the brand, under the own brand in terms of price competition and brand follow-up in the market, the first three cities than Win joint venture brands, four or five lines to the city's own brand of low prices, unable to stop, riding a tiger, is the so-called dilemma.


  In this case,


  September 25, a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 listed. Dongfeng Peugeot Li Hong Kong, general manager of the brand but look at their own brands, talk about how to compete with their own brands, implication Dongfeng Peugeot will continue to test a low and mutual brand pinch.


  Intermediate car market is the battleground of car prices, annual sales of 3 million of the market volume, there are 20 balance of competing products, whether joint ventures or independent brands, in the mid-size car area has always been the most intense competition.


  As a second-line joint venture brand, Dongfeng Peugeot after years of competition, it is difficult to win in the hands of a joint venture brand share, the second best to continue to grab their own share, is forced to make the choice. Lee Harbor said that with the joint venture brand marketing sinking, turn on their own brand onslaught, the two sides will also expand the area of ​​fire.


  Not long ago, Geely and Chery, such as the introduction of new models, their own brand and strive to the status quo of the upstream, so that it reached a new joint venture with a high degree of confrontation. "Now independent brands have a positive competition with the joint venture brands, and I believe our brands will be able to reach or surpass the joint venture brands in terms of quality," said An Cong, president and CEO of Geely Automobile Group.


  Second-line joint venture brand Dongfeng Peugeot is facing difficulties, sales stagnated or occasionally decline: First, the brand height in decline, and the gap between the larger front-line joint venture, and independent brands use SUV upside, the brand has been very close; , The price is far better than their own brands. Dongfeng Peugeot as the representative of the second-line joint venture brand, "sandwich biscuits" very hard to accept.


  "This two-year independent brand growth is very fast, there are market opportunities there are changes in their endogenous, own-brand vehicle work, design, including marketing and so on a substantial progress, no one can underestimate the autonomy Brand, said the joint venture brands and own-brand hand-to-hand combat, the first fire must be three or four lines of the city, and this white-hot competition has begun.


  Price and channel fight own brand


  Dongfeng Peugeot 308 also has a unique nickname "little Simba", which is the result of online voting users, in order to cater to the preferences of young consumers, Dongfeng Peugeot also carried out on-line "name as the Yan", "I Wanyan "," informants broke the news "and so on marketing activities. However, Lee Harbor said: "Now the marketing better than in the past, it is getting more and more difficult."


  Fans marketing and interactive marketing is still in a stage of exploration experiment, and young marketing has become a trend, the camps of the marketing battle will inevitably intensified.


  The automotive industry's overall marketing activity is not strong, compared with the Internet companies can even be said to be far behind the joint venture brands or their own brands are playing online marketing, play more and more close to the Internet.


  But overall, car prices are still more inclined to line, the channel is the main show spread, independent brand channels focused on three or four lines of the city, is still sinking. Such as Beiqi's "less business, more outlets," the channel sinking strategy, the county-level dealers into the focus of the effort.


  However, in the context of its own brand of high-end, the light of the small towns of the channel is clearly unrealistic, Geely announced the end of Volvo with the launch of the "L" brand will use a new sales channel and joint venture brands compete for mid-range SUV market.


  Joint venture brand distributor channels are mainly concentrated in one to three lines of the city, Lee Harbor that the Dongfeng Peugeot 500 dealers can hold up the sales target in the next few years, and now have to do is to enhance the capacity to enhance unit sales.


  Second-tier joint venture to reposition the market


  September 24, Tencent big data analysis platform released "2016 China's own brand car white paper" shows that the purchase of joint ventures and imported brand-name products among the owners, 48% of people said they bought a car before considering buying their own brands, But the ultimate reason to give up the most important thing is the lack of information on product quality. Finally comes down to a point or lack of recognition of the brand.


  An Cong-hui believes that only a solid quality to do a good job, it is possible to establish a certain brand height. Li Feng, president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. also said: "From 2014 to the present, China's own brand to the quality-driven stage, and then the next stage, it may take ten years, or even longer, we will go brand- . "


  Independent brands of real autonomy technology accumulation and R & D However, a mere 10 years time, the gap between independent brands and joint ventures in the rapidly narrowing. In the same price, the independent brands need to use cost-effective to make up for lack of brand, the most uncomfortable is the brand premium is not high second-line joint venture brands.


  Own brand SUV in the volume, price, brand three aspects have been greatly improved, second-line joint venture follow-up step backward, but not hit the competition of independent brands range.


  Second-line joint venture brand is used to follow the way their own brand to play. Lee Harbor revealed that Dongfeng Peugeot will be the end of this year to launch next year 4 SUV.


  However, this time a large-scale joint venture brands have begun a large range of SUV offensive instigation, second-tier joint venture brands will still be the same as cars, into a "sandwich layer." Volkswagen will launch next year, five SUV models, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Honda related products are also accelerating the introduction.


  This year, independent brands have a lot of "explosion models" models, such as Roewe X5, Geely Bo Yue, Chuan Chi GS4 and so on, An Cong smart that only in the stage of high-quality low-cost competitive ability to basically joint venture brands There is almost the value, but this stage is still relatively far away, independent brands also need to down-to-earth, pragmatic efforts.


  "The market is diversified, whether its own brand or joint venture brands will eventually find their own position, have their own core user base." Lee Harbor said, second-line joint venture brand to reposition itself in the road.


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