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Dongfeng Renault joint venture to enter the electric car or the EIA stepping stone


Dongfeng Renault joint venture to enter the electric car or the EIA stepping stone

However , Renault 's development in China is not satisfactory . Data show that in 2011 China sales for the Renault 24 275 , this figure is only 2% of Nissan car sales in China ; year , Nissan 's sales in China was 124.7

Electric vehicles or as a bargaining chip

The eight years to negotiate cooperation projects finally be landing this year . The industry believes that : "This project suddenly accelerating sales decline in recent years with Renault , and even layoffs , discontinued and other events intrinsically linked ." In order to reverse the predicament European market , Renault will surely hopes in the development potential the Chinese market .

With the release of this information to the EIA , the details of the joint venture Dongfeng Renault is also exposed one by one . Some media reported that " the joint venture plant is scheduled on March 20 this year, the foundation, started construction in May , 2015, is expected to put into operation ." " Future Renault also plans to build in 2017 a second factory in Wuhan , the total production capacity in the Chinese vehicle reached 300,000 , and the manufacture 600,000 engines . "

Renault China relative to the incident evasive attitude , the Renault group behave more aggressively.

The fact is also true. 10 years ago, worked with the Sanjiang Renault joint venture , trying to expand the Chinese market through the joint venture , increased influence in the Chinese market , but ultimately failed. The cooperation in the development of the Chinese market, Renault overshadowed .

As of now, Dongfeng and Renault joint venture has become increasingly clear , however Renault China responsible person told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said : "This project, funded by a working group of the Renault group in advance , we do not know the latest progress . "

" Ghosn called ' capital ' should be more than just one of the conditions of approval of a new joint venture factory government regulations , Renault is likely to support the development of electric vehicle technology DFG as a condition to stimulate domestic Dongfeng Renault promote further advance the project ." Industry said .

Renault hopes the Chinese market turning

It is understood that , as of June 2012 Renault has launched zoe, twizy, wind Lang ze. And kangooz.e. Etc. 4 production electric car. In last year's Beijing Auto Show, Ghosn of Renault -made pathways also hinted : "Renault has its own electric car , not only is it important asset is its important capital into the Chinese market ."

According to Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Office of the EIA report , the joint venture Dongfeng and Renault " will be the main building of the vehicle stamping shop, welding shop , paint shop , assembly shop and engine production plant resin plant , as well as research and development centers , supporting public auxiliary environmental projects , the project will produce suv, mpv vehicle and supporting engine . "

Last year in November in Guangzhou International Motor Show , Renault joint venture with Dongfeng upcoming news will pre-empt the release of the first to be Renault China . Chan, Renault China CEO clearly said: "Renault made ​​plans to cooperate with Dongfeng unchanged backdoor Sanjiang Renault production qualification would not otherwise apply ."

After eight years of marathon negotiations , Dongfeng Renault project will eventually fall .

The face of the continued downturn in the European market and a huge space for the Chinese market , the Renault -made projects to accelerate the natural choice to become justifies thing.

Not only that, Sanjiang Renault and cooperation involves only commercial vehicles, passenger cars in our market , Renault has been imported cars in the form of sales, sales volume is not , and the long-term in order to conquer the world Koleos a model , which led to brand awareness, product reputation degree far below its sibling Nissan and Infiniti .

Overseas media reported that " a few days ago a名雷诺spokesman has said the project is advancing according to plan , the Group ceo Ghosn of this cooperation is very optimistic. Reynolds respect for any data not comment on media reports about negotiations of concrete progress , it can not be revealed to the media . Reynolds in Beijing auto show last March (microblogging ) on the eve of the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Dongfeng , plans to complete a definitive agreement by the end of 2012 , but there may be earlier or later than this time . "

Data show that the third quarter of 2012 , sales of Renault vehicles , down 5.8% ; turnover fell by 13.3% , fell to 8.45 billion euros , Renault auto parts business turnover also fell by 14.4% . Meanwhile , Renault has also discontinued, strikes and other incidents occur.

PwC recently released a report on the automotive industry analysis pointed out that from 2011 to 2018 , growth in the global automotive industry contribution rate will reach 83% in emerging markets . Among them, China will play an important role. 2013 light vehicle sales in China will maintain a 10% growth rate. 2018 Chinese light vehicle production is expected to reach 27.3 million , compared with figures in 2011 almost doubled.

The Renault decided to no longer stick to adhere site Huadu , agreed to build production base in Wuhan, the headquarters of Dongfeng Motor , also out of their predicament needs. " This is mainly because Renault is now at the point where beleaguered ." Cars , a senior analyst Zhang Zhiyong ( microblogging ) said.

Arthur Chen This statement expressed by the media interpreted as : Renault -made projects have been accelerated.

Auto industry analyst Zhong Shi said: " There are already a lot of Dongfeng joint venture partners , products have been relatively abundant, business structure has been relatively clear and Renault products and brands , no wind is the big attraction . ."

"The wind has changed attitudes , probably Renault has made certain concessions ." Feng Shiming Minghua Wealth Consulting Director guess in the "Daily Economic News " reporter , "Renault is the only bargaining chip , is its electric cars . "

Recently, the Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau announced a joint venture Dongfeng Renault environmental impact assessment information . Notice that the " scale of investment in the project is 7.21 billion yuan , the production base will be built in Hanyang District, Wuhan City , Hubei Province, gold mouth ." In the meantime , the " Wuhan Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. Renault " in the name of the recruitment announcement, also seen on the automotive industry recruitment site .

Renault global downturn continued downturn in the performance of its European market intrinsically linked. Renault developing world's second largest market in Brazil and the third largest market in Russia is still unable to offset rapidly declining European market. In contrast, the Chinese market has great potential for development.

EIA information dissemination

For the progress of the project , Renault China responsible person told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said , " ( joint venture ) project is a working group in charge of the headquarters of the Renault group ," and declined to comment.

Renault seems that the level of R & D and R & D aspects of its electric cars already industry-leading level. As early as 2010, Renault had made ​​it clear that the Renault – Nissan electric car project has invested 4 billion euros , its electric car technology has been leading peer three years or so . Renault future goal is to be launched in the next 1 to 2 years (4) electric vehicles, 4 to 5 years after becoming the world's largest electric car manufacturers , the annual plan to break 200,000 .

It is reported that Dongfeng Renault joint venture project has been submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission . According to sources close to the event , "With the wind in advance of the possibility of a large project approved , probably in the first quarter of this year , but the wind does not deal with Renault will bring benefits to other wind Therefore in this matter Dongfeng has maintained a cautious attitude . "

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