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Dongfeng Truck D12 quality for orders

Recently, Dongfeng light truck 2017 "new truck in the new quality of the new limit" new national truck paragon Duolika D12 products held in Shanghai, "tough quality and different" global starting market launch, the launch of the wind Card star models – Dolly D12 listing to meet the current logistics and freight market high capacity, higher than the hard work, a wide range of car needs, more logistics enterprises and card users to provide more choices.

Adhering to the "care for everyone, care for every car" business philosophy, Dongfeng commercial vehicle brand over the years has been deeply rooted in the industry. As the light truck industry leader, to provide users with professional, quality and reliable products, is every one of the Dongfeng light card people remain committed, has been strong, reliable, safe and comfortable, and other advantages of leading industry similar products for the majority Users provide value, efficient car experience, won the majority of users love.

With the improvement of the national basic transportation facilities and the vigorous development of e-commerce, the demand for medium and long-distance inter-city freight logistics is increasing, and the requirement of reducing logistics cost is becoming more and more prominent. In particular, with the formal implementation of the new regulations, the two-axis large single-box van to become the market "new favorite." Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. after a lot of fine market research, combined with Dongfeng Motor 48 years in the heavy truck R & D, manufacturing experience, the first in the industry launched a total length of 12 meters of the two-axis limit car – Dongfeng card D12 models, The longest can reach 12 meters, the cargo compartment to reach the industry's longest 9.85 meters, carrying 18 tons. The model is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins ISB5.9 and ISD6.7 two 6-cylinder engine, as a world-class Dongfeng Cummins engine, with reliable quality, efficient fuel-efficient won the user.

In order to meet the high efficiency and low cost of logistics and transportation, through the installation of Cummins Power, Fast Gearbox, Dana axle "iron triangle" combination to ensure vehicle quality and reliable. Aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy gas storage tube, vacuum tire, less leaf spring and other new technologies and new materials, reduce vehicle weight 500 kg or so. 9.85 meters of the length of the cargo compartment and 2.47 meters of the width of the container, than similar products have more, more loading space. Dr. Kang, C-LINK and other large data applications also makes the vehicle fuel consumption reduced by at least 1.1L or more. Dongfeng Motor from the quality, weight, volume, bulletin, fuel consumption, service 6 to create this two-axis limit car, in line with national regulatory requirements at the same time, for the majority of users to create the greatest benefits and value.

Five times the country, the wind is based on the consumer base and the needs of consumer groups to upgrade, put forward the "focus on customers, improve quality," the corporate strategy, the user needs and quality improvement as the first five products of the first work. Dongfeng in the wind in the star model Duo Li card D12 product development process, Dongfeng company more times to invite the user representatives, distribution representatives, representatives of logistics companies to participate in the vehicle test drive and evaluation, that is to ensure that the majority of users to provide the best quality Logistics and transport benefits, the comfort of the car configuration, fit the design of efficient logistics market demand, the truck industry within the brand-name assembly, constitute the Dongfeng card star models – Doric D12 this industry conscientious tripod for the tripod.

The market is the only standard for testing products. It is understood that only two months time, Dongfeng Qiaodeli card D12 products have been accumulated logistics enterprises orders more than 4,000 vehicles, not listed has been the first order, the market heat is evident.

In addition, it is learned that Dongfeng company in order to allow the majority of users with the rest assured that the use of peace of mind, they also for the card users to provide efficient attendance value protection for this model launched a 20,000 km maintenance interval, the longest warranty 4 years 1 million Km and other attractive service policies, which are leading industry similar products.

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